Summon A Demon! [6]

Dec 22, 2019 6:10:22 GMT

Hi! I have a demon theme when I do my trackers, plotters etc. Summon A Demon is the name for my Adoption Page!! 

Lets get down to business! 

Related to Birchpaw of GorgeClan bio link

 - Willowbreeze (30+ Moons) 
Birchpaw's mother, a slender built short furred tabby she-cat. Almost everything is up to adopter. The only key thing is that she is kind and generous likely a perma-queen.

Related to Swanfeather of CreekClan bio link 

- Waspstrike (40+ moons) a Rogue 
He is entirely open to adopter! He is a blanket slate with only a few key moments in his history that are important. He killed Lioncall, in Swanfeather's history it's mentioned that he did it on purpose but it is up to YOU if he did or not. Could've been an accident and he is being banished because of it. Swanfeather's is hell-bent on killing him and it could make for some tense threads if she manages to track him down.

- Dewfrost (15-20 moons)  
Swanfeather's apprentice and now pseudo-daughter (Swanfeather is unable to have biological kits due to an injury). Dewfrost is entirely up to you!

Related to Phoenix a loner bio link 

Roc (45 Moons)
- Phoenix's brother, left their home in the shed sometime around his 15th moon. Can be a warrior of either MoorClan or CreekClan. Could also be a loner. A fighter and often argued with Phoenix about who was stronger. Rest is up to roleplayer

Thoth (45 Moons)
- Phoenix's brother, left their shed around his 20th moon. Can be a clan cat, loner or kitty pet. Curious about the world Thoth is known for being studious compared to his brothers. Heartbroken by the capture of their sister Harpy.

Harpy (45 Moons)
- Phoenix's sister, stolen from their family around 5 moons old. If she escaped or stayed a kitty-pet is up to roleplayer. I like the idea of her escaping and finding her way back to her brothers. A talented huntress, it's likely her time with twolegs has changed her abilities.

Dovelight (70 Moons)
- Phoenix's mother, a former CreekClan she-cat. Dovelight escaped and had her kits away from all the fighting. She lived for several moons on her own with just her kits. When Phoenix left around his 10th moon it is unknown what happened to her. She could have returned to CreekClan or remained a loner. It is unlikely she became a kitty pet.

Interested? Please PM or Discord DM so we can go over any questions or set some things in stone. I'm eager for these kitties to be adopted! 


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