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40 Moons   

Short furred with a certain shine to her coat due to the heavy fish diet. Swanfeather is often mentioned when speaking of beautiful she-cats in any clan. Icy blue eyes that seem to stand out against the blue-grey hues of her facial markings. Swanfeather has sharp striking features that lends to the rumors of her beauty. With vanity well deserved, Swanfeather's appearance is kept neat and tidy. Her habit on being clean steams from an early warrior hood trauma. Swanfeather is never unkempt and if she is found to be she is clearly unwell.

Her build is somewhere between sturdy and lithe with a natural plumpness due to her sex. Swanfeather is well built for swimming and enjoys the activity. Powerful legs from growing up water-side, Swanfeather is far more comfortable in the water, while on land she is a bit more timid with her stride. Truly in love with the fluidity of movement that the water provides. 

LIKES || Swimming, Praying to StarClan [deeply spiritual], collecting pretty river rocks. 

DISLIKES || GorgeClan, cowards, being away from the water too much. 

STRENGTHS || Swimming, Devotion 

WEAKNESS || Unforgiving, Guilty 

DREAMS || Avenge her deceased mate, Improve CreekClan standing among the three Clans. 

FEARS || CreekClan left in ruin. 

A victim of circumstance, Swanfeather carries the weight of tragedy on her shoulder. Heavy are her burdens, often reflected in her expression. The act of smiling lost to her, forever adrift in the past. Out of her reach for the rest of her moons. 

In recent moons, Swanfeather had worked tirelessly to better the mask she wears in front of her Clanmates. Learned to fake it enough to bypass the sorry looks or whispered condolences. Unwilling to accept pity, Swanfeather's determination has shifted to be that of revenge. Hell-bent on finding the murderer who stole away her happiness. Swanfeather remains a solid example of two-faced. 

To her clanmates she is the recovering widow. A she-cat who suffered such tragedy it's a miracle she is still standing. But that is the role she refuses to play. Swanfeather pushes herself so that her image to her clan mates will change. Weakness is of no use to her and her dedication and perseverance keeps her moving forward. 

Perhaps a bit cold, Swanfeather keeps few friends. Preferring to work herself to the point of near-collapse. A firm believer that keeping busy will keep the sadness away, Swanfeather has no time for idle paws. There is so much the Clan must recover, for her to sit in her nest and mourn her loss will do no good. 


Spoiled by her parents, Swanfeather's kithood started out fairly typical. Her parents were deeply in love, but both a bit older. Not that it phased young Swanfeather. To her mother and father were perfect. The ideal parents, never mind their muzzles were a bit grey and Reedfur didn't play as often as younger mothers. Swanfeather never compared her parents to other kits, instead she idolized them. Excited to prove to them they she was just as special as they said she was. 

Upon becoming a -paw, Swanfeather transferred her determination into being a warrior and proving to her mentor she was every bit as fierce as her namesake. Smokeyowl pushed Swanfeather perhaps a little too much. Instilling in the she-cat her work ethic that often put older apprentices to shame. Swanfeather was often the first to wake and last to sleep, anything to make her parents and mentor proud. 

After being named Swanfeather, warrior hood offered her a break. Time to reconfigure her goals now that her first one was achieved. However, the world had other plans. GorgeClan pushed and stole territory from CreekClan. Her mentor one of the early casualties. A repeating nightmare of Smokeyowl's blood covering her paws often ends with her waking up and grooming her forepaws until they ache. Her mentor's death being the first she witnessed and sadly not the last. 

Despite being effectively chased from their home, Swanfeather found a little sliver of hope in the form of Lioncall. The golden tabby tom-cat offered company and friendship to the slightly withdrawn Swanfeather. He never complained when she spent a large portion of her day grooming away blood that wasn't there. He offered frequent distractions, anything to keep her mind off Smokeyowl's demise. 

Swanfeather fell deeply in love with him, Lioncall revealing he had loved her since their apprentice days. It never occurred to her that she might one day be without him. 

On the eve that the final strip of territory was stolen from CreekClan. Lioncall and Swanfeather had been with a few other Clanmates in a bold attention to retain claim. The battle raged, Swanfeather fought fiercely beside Lioncall. The tom-cat had been tasked with escorting the wounded back, as the number of maimed Clanmates grew. 

He never saw Waspstrike lurking near the edge of battle. The yowl that escaped the tom-cat has since fueled a countless number of Swanfeather's nightmares. Enraged by Waspstrike's dishonorable tactic, Swanfeather savagely defended her wounded mate. Only to succumb to her own injuries, the enemy cat equally as savage. Tearing and ripping into the she-cat with enough violence it was remains a StarClan miracle she survived. 

In the days spent recovering in the makeshift medicine cat den, Swanfeather learned of just how much Waspstrike stole from her. The kits that had barely formed within her had been victim as well. The damage done by the cursed GorgeClan cat has made it impossible for her to carry kits. The added hit of Lioncall's death was enough to have her asking StarClan to take her too. Guilt over failing to protect her unborn kits, threatened to devour her. 

However, StarClan seemed to refuse. Instead of dying from infection or any other means, Swanfeather recovered. She grew stronger physically while her emotional state remained wounded. Gradually as CreekClan returned to their home, she improved. Engaged in conversation, practiced her mask enough for those invested in her well-being stopped worrying if she could crumple apart. 

Now more motivated then ever, Swanfeather has only one goal. To better CreekClan and to kill Waspstrike. While gaining knowledge to the tom-cat wareabout has been difficult. She has confirmed that he was banished from for his actions. Swanfeather refuses to accept that as suitable punishment. 

Mother: Reedfur: A flame lynx-point she-cat with amber eyes, deceased (old age)

Father: Stormheart: A blue point tom-cat with blue eyes, deceased (old age) 

Siblings: none 

Mentor(s): Smokeyowl: A grey tabby tom-cat with amber eyes, deceased (death by injuries in a fight) 

Apprentice(s): Dewfrost: A silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Mate(s): Lioncall: A large golden tabby tom-cat with amber eyes, deceased (murdered by Waspstrike) 

Kit(s): unborn litter, Swanfeather's injury as rendered her barren. 


one line appearance || A blue pointed she-cat with a deeply scarred belly and icy blue eyes. 

ALIAS || @hellion

OTHER CHARACTERS || @morningsky @birchpelt



ANYTHING ELSE || auditioning for CreekClan deputy 


40 Moons
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