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Eye-catching is not quite the term one might use to describe this molly physically. While not the largest of felines, Quailstream is broad and muscular, with powerful legs built perfectly for swimming. Her pelt is short and sleek, made up primarily of a sandy golden brown hue, yet speckled all over with dark brown spots, that shift toward small stripes along her neck and lining her eyes. Matching the rest of her muted color scheme, her nose is a darkened, greyish pink, and her eyes are a pale golden yellow that nearly blend into her pelt. Her tail is short furred and not particularly long, ringed and tipped with a similar dark brown to her speckled markings, whilst a slight tinge of white coats the bottom of her muzzle, fading into the creamy fur of her throat and back to sandy brown.

LIKES || Her siblings, young cats, swimming, fishing, helping her clanmates
DISLIKES || Threats to the clan, liars, manipulation, arguing, gossip, eating birds
STRENGTHS || Swimming, Fishing, Giving advice
WEAKNESS || Easily guilt tripped, gossip and rumors, climbing
DREAMS || To be a part of ensuring a strong and happy future for her clan, to see peace again throughout the three clans
FEARS || Somehow being part of her clan's downfall, heights

Quailstream is a very personable, approachable feline. She aims to approach most situations with a calm and clear mind, knowing that freaking out or getting angry will do no good at all, and the most will be accomplished when a situation is approached reasonably. It is with this same approach that she does her duties, or any other tasks the clan might need, never being one to complain, and putting her all into everything she does for the sake of her clan. To her clanmates and to those she cares about, she s incredibly loyal and tends to put their needs and feelings first, perfectly ready to be a source of advice to all and the rock that others seek to lean on. She is very honest, though is is just as good at keeping secrets where needed, or simply being a listening ear. However, this does not mean she is a push over. No matter much she may aim to be friendly, reasonable and understanding, she will always stand up for what she believes to be right, and there are very few who can push her around. She would never think to abandon her clan or her duties, and she prides herself in doing her best to see Creekclan strong throughout the future. She is indeed liable to tell you if you're being stupid or about to cross the line, certainly ready to call others out on their mistakes, however she also knows when it is best to bite her tongue and keep to herself, being pleasant mannered and respectful where called for. Unfortunately at times she may find herself liable to lend an ear to gossip, but she is not about to spread rumors without a solid base, preferring to simply confront the source instead. So long as you do not mess with those she cares about, Quailstream is pretty easy to get along with, and in truth it is not hard to earn her trust, even if it can be difficult to get back once broken. She likes to give others the benefit of the doubt, though spend it wisely. She does not lose faith easily, nor is she prone to holding grudges, however she does happen to have a very good memory and holds high value to loyalty.

Quailkit and her siblings, Eaglekit and Speckledkit, were born within the peaceful times of Creekclan to Fawnleap and Stormfall. Their kithood was pleasant and sweet, with their father instilling in them a loyalty to their clan and an excitement for the future, whilst their mother taught them manners and all there was to know about their ways and the stars above. By the time they reached apprenticeship, they were excited for the times ahead, especially Quailpaw. She had every intention of being the great warrior her father expected her to be, and to ensure a great future for the clan as her mother had her promise. However, things plummeted downhill soon enough. A moon or two before her training would have come to an end, Bonestar took charge of Gorgeclan, and as she transitioned to warriorhood earlier than expected after the fall of her father to the ensuing war, there seemed to be little hope. In as few moons, Creekclan was scattered, her sister entirely disappeared alongside many other cats, and those that remained were left in a confused haze as they lost their territory and fled to the Outlands.

Despite all that happened and, in truth, how afraid she was, Quailstream refused to abandon her clan despite her youth. She could have lived a comfortable life as a kittypet, taken in by the twoleg that was owned by a nice tom who tried to convince her to come share his meal where she would be safe and warm. However, ever since she could see the world with her own two eyes and hear with her own two ears, Quailstream had always intended to do her best by her clan, and after her father - and she assumed her sister as well - had died trying to protect them, she refused to give in like this. She would try her best, even if her best may not be enough. So, she stuck with the shambles of her clan, and as Stoatstar rose to take power, she stood by him as well as she could.

By the time the clan returned to the once home, with Bonestar defeated and their territory returned, Fawnleap was pressuring her two remaining kits to settle down and take mates for the good of the clan, to provide kits to ensure their future. At first, Quailstream resisted, though as Eagleswoop relented to his mother's wishes and took a mate, and as her mother's words turned to sharp jabs that tore at her own guilt and plucked at her wish to see the clan strong again, she too neared giving in. She did not feel ready to settle down, but her mother's thinly veiled threats of choosing a mate for her should she hesitate any longer made her realize that perhaps it was better to settle early and truly love the father-to-be of the family she had always wanted, than to be stuck in a loveless relationship of her mother's choosing. Sure, she meant well, but Quailstream sought predictability at the very least, if she was going to be rushing into this sooner than she intended.

Mother Fawnleap
Father Stormfall (deceased)
Siblings Speckledcreek (sister, unknown status), Eagleswoop (brother)
Mate: Seeking
Kit(s): None


one line appearance || a chocolate spotted tabby she-cat with pale yellow eyes

OTHER CHARACTERS || , , , @aloepaw, , ,
ANYTHING ELSE || Let all the love plots begin, how many mates can one lass have


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