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48 Moons
OneClan - formally Creek

It's clear where Tigerblaze gets her name - her pelt is a soft orange, striped with black in a way that resembles a tiger's pelt. Once free of blemishes in her youth, now she is crisscrossed with an abundance of scars, most which were received fighting against waves of GorgeClan cats on CreekClan's behalf. Her claws are long and sharp, her muscles trained more for the terrain of GorgeClan and she trains to keep them that way. White covers her maw and highlights her eyes and toes, though the bottoms of her paws are black.

Tigerblaze has green eyes which are very light. They are often bright with her personality, cold when she is most hot-heated. They often betray her, her emotions seeping out through them and as such, she is a bit of an open book.

Though she is called Tigerblaze, only part of her is striped - her limbs are striped, as is her chest and head and tail, but the bulk of her body is spotted. 

LIKES || moonlight, training exercises, family, tree climbing, summer and winter nights
DISLIKES || GorgeClan (x3), her ex-mate, summer days, the cold
STRENGTHS || fighting, manipulation, wordplay
WEAKNESS || understanding someone else's pov, not jumping to conclusions, being hot-headed
DREAMS || to start a new family to repopulate CreekClan, to prove her loyalty to CreekClan, to see GorgeClan return to what she remembers it as
FEARS || being forced back to GorgeClan, her remaining kits being killed

Tigerblaze is named for her wicked temper and her fierce loyalty. She's quick to jump to conclusions and extremely defensive and guarded, especially when someone is questioning her about her loyalty. She doesn't like being questioned, period. She's willing to fight her way though whatever it takes until the last CreekClan cat stops doubting her loyalty. She despises most of GorgeClan, on edge in their presence and a whisker-length away from throwing claws at a moment's notice. 

However, she's also soft and caring. Tigerblaze respects those around her in CreekClan and wouldn't hesitate to help any of them with whatever they needed. She's eager to help rebuild any part of camp. She loves her two remaining kits with all that she has, though she can come off as a bit overprotective at times.


A litter of two she-kits are born in GorgeClan on warm newleaf day. One is named Tigerkit for her lively attitude and her pelt, the other Foxkit. They grow together as kits do, getting into trouble and sneaking out of the den as often as they can. Their parents are exhausted before long, but love them nonetheless. Still, they can't wait for them to be apprentices so they can be someone else's problem.

They are apprenticed to a pair of brothers, both calm and eager to teach, much like the new apprentices are eager to learn. They are inseparable, and having two brothers as mentors keeps them together. They learn fast, and they train hard. Tigerpaw excels at fighting, using her speed and strength as a weapon while Foxpaw prefers the finer skills of hunting throughout GorgeClan's territory. They compliment each other and help each other, ensuring they'll be graduated to warriors at the same time. Nothing can hold them back.

Tigerpaw becomes Tigerblaze for her personality and her hot-hotheadedness. She loves the thrill of the fight. Foxpaw becomes Foxflight for her skill in hunting and her nimbleness in doing so. Their parents congratulate them as proud parents do and they sit their vigil together, pressed tight together on a chilly newleaf night.

Toms come into the picture before long. The sisters are older, wiser. Badgerfoot entices Tigerblaze with his fierce loyalty to making GorgeClan as strong as ever. Weaseltail runs after Foxflight whenever he sees her due to her charming appeal. They're happy.

Tigerblaze is expecting kits. She's wary, mostly because of being off-duty for so long as she will be, but her family is happy for her, and Badgerfoot does whatever she needs him to without worry. They are young. They are in love. They are happy.

Tigerblaze has kits. They are lovely bundles of joy that she cannot believe she was wary about having. She is surrounded by family to care for her and her kits. Foxflight spends almost as much time with them as she does, particularly when Tigerblaze needs to get out and stretch.

Bonestar comes into power. 

Her kits are now 'paws and she purrs in motherly pride when they meet their mentors. Bonestar has not yet shown who he really is. They believe he will keep them strong, healthy. GorgeClan will be unchallenged.

Tigerblaze and Foxflight grow wary. Just what are they showing their strength for? The Clans are at peace. Weaseltail shares the sisters' concern, but Badgerfoot insists that Bonestar knows what is best. He will lead them to the best life they can.

They are not happy.

Cats go missing. There are fights nearly every day, pointless battles at borders and across territories to stomp enemy resistance into the ground. CreekClan stops showing up at Gatherings. Tigerblaze is sure something is not right. Badgerfoot still insists everything is okay. Trust in Bonestar and trust in GorgeClan, he says. He is among Bonestar's elite.

Foxflight and Milkpaw do not come back. Weaseltail collapses inside camp. They are dead, he cries, though he too is covered in wounds. Foxflight dies trying to protect Milkpaw from CreekClan warriors who gain the upper hand. Milkpaw fought like a warrior, but she is still an apprentice. It is no longer about winning or losing to CreekClan; it is about surviving. Upset as she is, Tigerblaze understands.

Their bodies are not returned. They are never buried. Tigerblaze holds out on hope that they're not dead, just recovering. They'll come back to camp eventually.

Tigerblaze gives up hope.

Rowanpaw becomes Rowanwhisker. He is a good tracker. Batpaw becomes Batflight. She is fast and agile, like her aunt. She begs for the name. She is humored.

Tigerblaze is leaving. She tells her kits and parents and Weaseltail in the dead of night. They understand. She does not tell her mate. Badgerfoot catches her sneaking out of camp. Hurt shows in his eyes, but he spits 'traitor' nonetheless. He turns and pretends he doesn't notice her running away.

CreekClan does not accept her at first. She sits in the middle of camp under guard. She does not eat until she catches enough to feed what remains of the Clan. She understands. She does so without complaint. 

She gains their trust when she leads fight after fight against GorgeClan. She is brutal, relentless. She knows which cats are most loyal to Bonestar. She slays them if she can, horrifically injures them if not. Those she knows live in fear of Bonestar, she fights like a spar, to deflect rather than to dominate. Tigerblaze is no traitor to CreekClan, but she sees Foxflight in the cats who coward with the force of CreekClan's fight parties and cannot bear to kill them.

She meets Badgerfoot in battle one night. She seeks him out, claws itching to hurt what convinced her to stay. He is rueful. Sorry, he says. He tells her he should have known. They all know what Bonestar is now. He cannot bring Milkpaw back but he is so sorry. He will not fight her. I am Tigerblaze, she yowls. I am named from fire and I will burn you all down, those of you who have wronged me. Watch me burn. He leaves without an eye. 

She is scarred, scars she gets from fighting for CreekClan and not for GorgeClan. She is proud of them. She wears them like a badge of honor, flaunts them whenever she can. She is a protector. These marks prove them.

Bonestar is gone. She is annoyed, upset, that it was not her that finished him off. GorgeClan is a disaster. CreekClan is all but scattered but she belongs. She stays. They reform. They unite stronger than before. Let them come. Tigerblaze will be waiting.

Her life in CreekClan settles. She makes friends, learns to relax and enjoy things other than fighting. She's peaceful.

The Spore comes, and while it evades it for a while, eventually it snags her, her luck snapped like a twig. She fights it, more than she should, and suffers all the more for it. Though the Spore has left her, and physically she is recovered, she is prone to fits of weakness and can no loner battle as she once could. In an effort to be more, Tigerblaze has quarantined herself with the other infected cats, surving as a courier and hunter to those who cannot hunt themselves.
Mother - Mapledapple
Father - Crowjump
Siblings - Foxflight
Mentor(s) - Barkclaw
Apprentice(s) - Rockbelly
Mate(s) Badgerfoot (ex)
Kit(s) Milkpaw, Batflight, Rowanwhisker


one line appearance || Tiger-striped bengal molly with pale green eyes. 

OTHER CHARACTERS ||  (OneClan), Chaton (loner)
ANYTHING ELSE || would prefer not to have any apprentices, please and thank you


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