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Large and imposing is one way to describe Elkstride. His brawny build and large size makes him stand out from others in the clan. He has thick fur and has a lion-like mane around his neck and throat. His coat is made up of a toasted number color with black tabby markings. Large brandy colored eyes adorn the tom along with a ruddy colored nose. The only splotch of white fur can be found on his cheeks and chin. Elkstride also has tufts of fur on the tips of his ears, giving him an exotic and wild look.

LIKES || fighting, Kestrelclaw, getting his way, his mate Quailstream, Stoatstar, Creekclan

DISLIKES || Ryestorm, rogues, water, hot weather, any threat posing against Creekclan (or Quailstream and Kestrelclaw), mice

STRENGTHS || fighting, climbing trees, hunting, intimidation tactics

WEAKNESS || public speaking, socialization, swimming (he a drypaw)

DREAMS || to one day grow to love and accept himself for who he is

FEARS || to irrevocable and unintentionally harm a loved one in some way

To put things simply Elkstride is a very dominant cat who always likes to be on top and more importantly right. The tom doesn't take too kindly to others bossing him around and much less when someone demands he do something. He's very much described as a free spirit, wild in every sense of the word and always moving on his time. His dominant nature can make him rather unruly, however, he's a natural when it comes to being a leader. Decisive, pragmatic, and cruel are words to describe Elkstride when he's in his 'leader mode'. Little escapes his attention and his pragmatic mindset helps him count the odds and favors against him. His quick thinking and decisive behavior has saved his life countless times and thus he has grown to become rather impulsive with his actions. He's a action first, speak later kind of guy - always willing to take a gamble of talking later at the option of avoiding unnecessary risks by attacking now. It has worked out well for him thus far so he has no real intentions of changing. Elkstride is also well known for his sharp tongue and even sharper temper. His rage is explosive and he can be down right cruel to those around him. To most he can seem very intimidating with his large size, muscular body, and the scowl usually always on his face and its not like he honestly tries to correct this viewpoint.

Elkstride has a very pessimistic look out on life. He always expects the bad out of people and rarely sees the good in others. Doing somethimg out of the goodness out of your heart is almost comical to Elkstride. Everybody has a price, it's just a matter of finding out what it is.

Elkstride actually wasn't born in Creekclan so the hatred and suffering of thise before him is lost on the tom. In fact a lot of clan politics is lost on him. Elkstride was born an outsider, born to a banished warrior of Gorgeclan and loner. It just happens to be an unfortunate event that he was born to arbitrary parents.

Elkstride's mother was a whimsical women, flakey and negligent when it came to rearing Elk. His father was violent and abusive with both words and claws. He instilled the very train of thought that Elkstride suffers from to this day. To be a man you must be the best warrior, the best hunter, and to never express 'weak' emotions like love and to never ever love another man. This code was beaten and drilled into Elk's mind and at some point the tom started to believe it. To earn his father's respect and affection Elk pushed himself to be the strongest he possibly could. What his father did Elk pushed himself to do 10 times better, to be crueler, and meaner about. At some point Elk garnered the affection of his father, however, his love for his son was shown in a dramatically different way than any 'normal' parent. It all started with a simple, but memorable event that traumatizes him to this day. He through Elk in a river and expected him to swim to safety. If he could do that then all the horrible and ruthless training he had endured would end. Only Elk was still a kit, a kit who could do nothing but cry out for help. His father was disappointed and grew angry when Elk cried for help. Help would not come he told Elk, help was for the weak he scolded Elk-kit. And the final nail in the coffin was when he started walking away, abandoning his son to whatever gate starclan deemed righteous and called over his shoulder, "I do not have a son" and promtly left, leaf Elk to his fate. It was there that Elk made a silent vow that should he ever survive his current predicament that he'll never ask for help again.

To this day Elkstride doesnt know how he srvived, but he did remember the kindness and pity shining in a toms eyes. His tiny kit body wrapped up in the nook of the toms belly, warmth radiating into his chilled body. The tom introduced himself as Stoatstar and that he was lucky to have survived his fall into the river. At first Elk was wary of the stranger, his father's teachings still fresh in his mind and one of them was to never trust the goodness out of others. They always wanted something in return. But as time went on and Stoatstar brought Elk from the brink of death Elk grew more comfortable. And while the teachings for his father would never truly leave Stoatstar had shown Elk-kit the world in a different light. The betrayal of his father still stung, but Stoatstar was there ever step of the way.

When Elk-kit was brought to the rebuilding Creekclan he couldn't help but admire such tenacious warriors. They were nothing like his father, broken and weak, but stronger because of it all. Elk-kit vowed to protect Creekclan to his very best. So when he was made an apprentice and given a mentor Elkpaw pushed himself hard, surpassing his limits again and again. However, Elkpaw still had one weakness: water. The traumatizing event in his kithood had effectively made him fear the rushing liquid. Despite living in Creekclan Elkstride actively avoids the water. Never again.

Into his apprenticeship Elkpaw managed to make a friend, Kestrelpaw. While a loner by nature with a raging temper most cats avoided Elkpaw. He was mean and vicious, unable to see wrong in his behavior and nothing Stoatstar could do changed Elkpaw. He was raised in the method of its kill or be killed, trained from a very young age to withstand brutality. Something the other cats in the clan never seemed to understand. But Kestrelpaw did. He made an effort with Elkpaw, something nobody else did besides Stoatstar. It made an impression on the young cat, one he vowed to treasure forever.

As time went on Elkpaw grew more vicious until he was finally made a warrior alongside Kestrelpaw. Unbeknownst to Elkstride feelings for his friend started to grow. At first he didn't understand how he felt towards Kestrelclaw, it was confusing when his heart started to flutter and he got the jitters, but when he realized what his feelings meant everything went cold in his heart. It wasn't right, his father's teachings had taught him what it meant to be a warrior and loving a tom was one if the biggest sins Elkstride could possibly commit. These feels welled in Elkstride for moons, he started getting possessive of Kestrelclaw and always seemed to be in a foul mood.

And when Kestrelclaw took on a mate, another tom who wasn't Elkstride, he about list it. From the get go Kestrelclaw's mate was a target from Elkstrides wrath. He hated the toms guts for having the courage to love a man so openly and because he felt that his affections for Kestrelclaw was in jeopardy. However, he dealt with it the best possible way, getting his own mate. A she-cat he could stand long enough to convince himself to not only liver her, but to forget to love him.

Quailstream was her name. She was simplistic and older than he, but she had saved him from drowning once before. Maybe she could save him from drowning once again, in a more figuratively sense if the word. Maybe she could help save and mend his broken soul, to get rid of the sinful desires he felt for his best friend. And perhaps he could be happy to settle down with her, to forget about the impossibility, but still come out happy. So he showed an interest in the she-cat, tried to be nicer and friendlier to her. Surprisingly he didn't have to really try. He felt at ease with her and respected her tenacious attitude towards her clan. When she proposed that they become mates he agreed and while he was using her for his own selfish reasons he grew to love her. Perhaps not in the way she wanted, but he loved her nonetheless and never dreamed to hurt her.

Mother : Isadora (medium sized calico she-cat with golden eyes)

Father: Brindletooth (large brown and white tabby with hazel eyes)

Siblings : none

Mentor(s) : Goldenblaze (medium sized ginger tom with gold eyes)

Apprentice(s) : none yet

Mate(s) :

Kit(s) : none


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