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45 moons

Seawatcher is nowhere near discrete when it comes to her appearance. In fact some may even say she has a wild and carefree beauty about her, untamed by civilization. Seawatcher's luxurious coat is made up of many tones and hues of gray and black. Clouded tabby markings make up the most of her back. Her tail is long a feather-like and she is slender in frame. She has narrow features with stark bright saffron colored eyes that stand out against her stormy pelt.

LIKES || dog days, fishing, lounging in the sun, sharing tongues with clanmates, spending cool summer days with family

DISLIKES || immature individuals, threats against her clan and family, oppressive heat, reckless individuals

STRENGTHS || swimming, her soothing personality, strong maternal instincts, family

WEAKNESS || her family, always playing the passive role fights, playing devil's advocate, being overbearing of her kits

DREAMS || to be a part of something greater for the benefit of her clan

FEARS || should the truth of Larkspurpaw's and Amaryllispaw's heritage be uncovered and loose the trust and affection of her kits.

Seawatcher is a very dedicated warrior of Creekclan. She's devoted to serving Creekclan in what ever way she possibly can. She vows to protect and provide for the young and old of the clan. Her integrity border's on single-minded. This makes her a very honorable feline, someone who believes in the older traditions and who sticks to her word. If she said she'll do something she'll very well do it, and if she's in your debt she'll repay you back some way and some how. This means she also expects you to return any favors or debts without any ands, buts or ifs. She expects you to be just as bound to your word as she is and not sticking to your honor or word enacts her wrath and anger. Seawatcher maybe kind but she doesn't take too kindly to liars or backstabbing cheats who fall back on their word. The warrior is considerate of those around her. She doesn't try to jump to conclusions or be judgemental of another's actions or back story until she has the the facts. She tries to see the story as a whole and for what it is. Seawatcher's ability to be more than considerate has led her to the ability to be farsighted. She thinks and plans more towards the future rather than the present. She thinks ahead and thinks big rather than small. She knows that in order for progress to succeed there need's to be sacrifices. Sacrifices she's more than willing to commit to.

Seawatcher is a hardworking warrior. Everything she does isn't done as a half assed job, she puts effort into her work so her reward is worth it. Given her age, Seawatcher has grown as a patient feline. Raising kits and taking on the responsibility of her brother does that to a cat. She's able to withstand even the most tedious of apprentices and kits and sometimes, even warriors - though her patience has a limit with them given they are older and she has a high expectation of them to behave better. Seawatcher is protective of those she's close to, she doesn't take too kindly towards her friends, clan, and family being threatened or harmed. Her protective nature can borderline on being over protective and overbearing to the point of where she might be pushing those that she loves and cares for the most away rather than keeping them close. The woman may not seem like it, but she is, in fact, an empathetic fellow who feels for those around her.

Her empathetic nature can very much make her play the role of devils advocate. Whether she means to or not is truly up for grabs. Despite what others may think Seawatcher is actually a very daring free-spirit that believes in what the heart desires is what the heart shall get, encouraging others to accept that part of them. Her clever witty remarks can make for some rather amusing and playful banter. Once you get to know her better and she loosens up around you she can become a rather playful she-cat who enjoys spending her time with you. Some’s very adventurous and loves learning and exploring new things. She’s also fairly competitive and takes anything as a challenge if you doubt her capabilities. She’s, after all, a very independent she-cat who likes both caring and providing for herself without needing the help of anyone else.

Born in a time of great prosperity Seakit never dreamed of the great downfall of Creekclan and yet such dark times came into existence. Seakit was born alongside her younger brother, Oceankit. The two were inseparable since birth, getting into trouble together and living life to the fullest. Their parents were dedicated warriors of Creekclan that eventually was the case of their death. But before their passing the left distinct morals and a code of honor for their children to follow, one that'll help them achieve greatness as a warriir of Creekclan.

Seawatcher took much of their teachings to heart and pushed herself to be better, to be stronger so she could one day protect her clan from harm. Her brother on the other hand chased the tails of many she-cats, having flings and one night stands. While Seawatcher fell in love and settled down with a loving mate her brother was out being reckless and irresponsible. Seawatcher warned him of the consequences of his actions. She was always there to bail him out, but that grew increasingly difficult when she learned she was expecting and her mate Eagleheart grew protective over her. So it didn't come as a surprise when Oceancloud announced a she-cat he had a roll in the hay with was expecting his kits. Seawatcher was ecstatic, her kits would grow up with cousins the same age, albeit a few moons younger. However, her brother seemed less inclined to share his sister's enthusiasm at being a father. This flippant attitude didn't sit well with Seawatcher and a huge fight broke out between the two. The little spat didn't last very long, but it affected their relationship - for better or for worse.

Seawatcher was due any moon now and she was abuzz with worry, excitement and anxiety. Despite not making up with her brother she had her mate by her side through it all. Yet tragedy struck and left Seawatcher in heartbreak. Her mate had collapsed rather suddenly a few days before his kits birth. From what Seawatcher was told his death was sudden, but quick with little pain and while Seawatcher was relieved her mates passing wasn't painful it didnt limit the pain she felt. She would be delivering and rasing the kits alone without her mates support. Her kits would never know their father, who loved them so much already.

Before long Seawatcher went into labor. It was long and arduous, but she birthed 3 healthy kits. Two toms and a single she-kit. She effectively named the pale silvery white she-kit Swankit and her brothers Apricotkit and Goosekit. She treasured them with all her heart and was often times deemed a wonderful mother by the clan. It wasnt long before her brother Oceancloud appeared to her one night with two nameless kits, a tom and she-kit. Apparently their mother had died kitting and Seawatcher was the only available queen who was producing extra milk to care for them. And despite his shortcomings with her brother Seawatcher didn't have the heart to turn her niece or nephew away. So she took them on as her own and loved and cherished them just like they were her own kits. She shortly named them Larkspurkit for the large black tom and Amarylliskit for the dainty gray she-cat.

She never told the niece or nephew that she wasn't their real mother and that their 'brothers and sister' were actually cousins. She never once told them who their true father is, only telling them their father was Eagleheart who despite not being with them loved them dearly. And so when tragedy struck again it almost broke the queen.

A bad case of kitten-cough spread throughout the camps nursery. Every kit in Seawatcher's care fell ill, leaving her to fret over them with an unbreakable diligence. Not long after Apricotkit was the first to go followed shortly by Swankit. Larkspurkit, Goosekit, and Amarylliskit were expected to make a slow, but full recovery so it came has a huge surprise with Goosekit's sudden death. It broke Seawatcher to watch all her kits die before her, yet unable to do anything to save them. However, she still had Larkspurkit and Amarylliskit so she picked up her feelings and tucked them away while she devoted her entire being to her remaining two "kits". She grew possessive over them, only relenting in her aggressive love to watch them be named apprentices of Creekclan. To this day she can be a little overbearing to them, but no one can doubt her live for them. Her actions spoke volumes for how much she cared for their wellbeing.

And while she never truly forgave her brother for abandoning his kits, she still very much loved him. He was her brother and she'll continue to love him flaws and all.

Mother: Featherpool(a dainty dark gray she with blue eyes)

Father : Whiteclaw (large white tom with orange eyes)

Siblings : Oceancloud

Mentor(s) : Snailshade

Apprentice(s) : Hawkpaw

Mate(s) : Eagleheart (a large brown tabby with hazel eyes; deceased)

Kit(s) : Goosekit (a solid gray tom-kit with saffron eyes), Swankit(a pale silver and white she-kit with green eyes), Apricotkit(a dilute cream tabby tom-kit with pale green eyes), Larkspurpaw(large solid black tom with amber eyes; actual nephew to Seawatcher), and Amaryllispaw (a dainty gray tabby she with hazel eyes; actually niece to Seawatcher)


one line appearance || a beautiful large gray tabby she with saffron oculars


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45 moons
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