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42 moons

Fawnspots is quite beautiful, and it's no wonder she has managed to keep a mate around. Her base coat is a creamy light tan, with layers of other hues making it stand out. Her bodice is splattered with darker spots, and her chest and tail have a few rings and stripes accompanying them. Her eyes are a dark amber.

LIKES || kits, flowers, the warmth of the sun
DISLIKES || being alone, yelling(loud noises), waiting
STRENGTHS || nurturing, forgiving
WEAKNESS || co-dependent, a pushover, gullible
DREAMS || to have her own family
FEARS || to lose her mate or the family she hopes to have

Fawnspots is quite...complicated. It's hard to explain this molly wholly without missing key aspects. Though most notable and identifiable, is her loving and caring nature. She truly is one to forgive and forget. She's wholesome, and one who would give another the fur off her back to keep them warm. Sharing comes as second nature, and others would never have to ask twice. This becomes a downfall, as she often shorts herself and can find herself feeling rundown and burnt out. But as a toxic trait, she can't quite seem to shake it. There's been plenty of times she forgiven others, only to harm herself.
But moving on, this she-cat just wants true happiness. And she'd do almost anything to achieve that. After all, she's been waiting a solid 20 moons for her own family. And while she does grow tired of waiting, she's rather co-dependent and doesn't entirely know how to function without Wavestep. For that reason, she's stuck around. And through thick or thin, it's highly unlikely to see her without him nearby. This codependency stems from her past, and while it may not be the best thing for her now, it's not something she can fix even if her brain tries to acknowledge it every now and then. It's an internal struggle that she never wins, and down the rabbit hole she stays.

Fawnspots isn't one who has much of an interesting story to tell. Her history is really quick bleak and bland. Save for a few moments of her life that have certainly come to give her defining characteristics as she grew into the warrior she is today. Her kit moons are relatively unimportant, she was born to a pair of warriors that were well known and fairly respected. However, it is to be noted that she was close to her father Deerstep. He was one who sheltered her, and kept her out of trouble. He always seemed to come save the day should something happen, and it was rare that she was in trouble with him. He was in many ways, her knight in shining armor. As she grew, their bond only increased. Though she relied on him perhaps too much, finding ways to keep herself out of trouble simply by batting her eyes and hoping he'd make it go away. She became almost unable to care for herself.

Yet she would have a harsh awakening, as her father would soon pass away...and she would be left without much in the world that she truly cared about. She would also begin to face the harsh realities of consequences and judgements. Lucky enough for her, she would stumble upon Wavestep. A tom that would change her life in many ways. She became dependent on him, almost replacing him as the father she once had. The new chapter of her life would be filled with heartaches and letdowns.

Wavestep was by all means the only one she could ever love, but her dependence brought her grief when she would find he was unfaithful. However, because she had nobody else, she would never be able to allow herself to leave. Moons would continue to go by, and she would continue to have no family of her own, and with little changes to her life.

Mother - n/a
Father - n/a
Siblings -n/a
Mentor(s) - n/a
Apprentice(s) - n/a
Mate(s) - wavestep
Kit(s) - n/a


one line appearance || a spotted fawn molly with dark amber eyes.

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