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29 moons
cottoncloud quite literally looks like a piece of cotton, or even a cloud, with soft white fur speckled with hints of dark brown on her back. her eyes are striking in color due to the stark yellow that they contain. she has notably long whiskers and ears. height wise, she is about average for a she-cat, but is built to be fairly stocky and muscular.

|| watching the sun rise, midnight strolls, and learning new things
DISLIKES || giving up, overconfidence, and the spotlight. 
STRENGTHS || endurance and empathy
WEAKNESS || fighting and insulting others
DREAMS || to be a mother her kits can look up to
FEARS || to let everyone down

cottoncloud often finds herself in difficult situations because of her personality. when she first entered the clan, she was expected to be a permaqueen, but when she saw the joys of the warriors within creekclan, she knew she wanted to become a warrior to experience the world in a way she had never known existed. a naive approach, yes, but cottoncloud, generally, is quick to let others trod over her because of her endless desire to please others. advocating to become a warrior is one of the few moments when she stood up for herself.

surprisingly, she has incredible drive and endurance. at 29 moons, her skills are far behind the warriors that have trained since 6 moons, but cottoncloud is a determined she-cat. though she may never reach the level of any one around her, the small steps she does take are enough to prove to her that she is capable. 

deep down, the she-cat just wants to serve as a role model for her future sons and daughters. more than that, she wants to be the she-cat that others exemplify as what should be. an impossible dream, but one that cottoncloud strives for everyday.

she enjoys the simple things in life. the quiet moments in between the huge distractions of the world. her favorite times of the day are sunrise because she loves watching the renewal of a new day. often times, she tends to avoid being apart of huge conversations due to her fear of attention. she loves helping, but she would rather aid behind the scenes and not at the head of them. this leads to her opinion never being heard or her just accepting tasks and statements out of fear to deny someone. she also has trouble telling the truth out of a desire never to hurt someone. 

now that desire has certainly led her to trouble. fighting anyone, physically or mentally, is a difficult concept for cottoncloud. in her mind, why fight when compromise is available? though, she does her best to try and understand the drive of the clans to, sometimes, destroy one another. 

she has a lot to learn, but cottoncloud is just an innocent bean with too little knowledge about the real world and who just wants to help out whenever she can.

cottoncloud is unable to remember much of her mother or father because she was adopted quickly and was taken from them within five moons of her birth. as she recalls, her mother was a tall and imposing figure and could control a room within seconds of just speaking. her father was a meeker man, content to eat and sleep, and more than happy to let her mother control his life. though she called her mother mom, her true name was luna. cottoncloud cannot remember the name of her father. he was a tom that existed as a father figure, but nothing more.

once adopted, cottoncloud, then named cotton - or cot when her two-legs were feeling lazy - was taken far away from her littermates. she lived alongside a male two-leg and a female two-leg for a long time. they were kind and loving, always gave her more food than she needed, and were consistently skilled strokers. 

but the female left the house moons into cotton's stay. she never returned. cotton began to be ignored, despite her best efforts to make the male love her again. the female, it seemed, had stolen his compassion when she left. he ate lots of dairy and drank foul drinks that made his breath smell and his temper worsen. 

it was then that antlerburr arrived in her backyard. finally, something in her life that was not negative. he was tattered, gravely injured, and needed help, but he was perfect. he was so different from any tom she had ever met. funny, intelligent, mischievous.. he was the tom of her dreams. and the stories he could tell, they took her to another world. creekclan. a life full of adventure and opportunity. a life with antlerburr. the life she had always imagined was now hers to take. 

leaving her male owner was a hard decision. like antlerburr, he needed her. but unlike antlerburr, he had never truly taken the time to know her and love her. and when cotton looked at the warrior that had captured her heart, the choice was suddenly so obvious. they left for creekclan together. she began training to gain the title of warrior.

cottoncloud. a new and improved cotton, but she is the same she-cat she always has been. now, however, she is living the dream. she and antlerburr are now mates, who would've guessed it, and cottoncloud feels about ready to conquer the world.

Mother - Luna
Father - Unknown
Siblings  - unknown
Mentor - none
Apprentice - none as of now
Mate - antlerburr
Kit - none .. yet


one line appearance || a white she-cat with striking yellow eyes.

ALIAS || @puddlesdog
OTHER CHARACTERS || @goosesnap
DESIRED WARRIOR NAME || her name is set 
ANYTHING ELSE || adopted from   image credits


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