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Long and lanky, Wavestep has a very feminine appearance. He inherited his mother's coloration and her slender, sleek frame. Despite his feminine frame, it has never stopped him from attracting the opposite sex. His pelt is a soft cream color with tan Bengal markings. He has very large, round eyes that are the color of open water reflecting the blue sky above.

LIKES || Fawnspots, hunting, sleeping, mice
DISLIKES || Responsibility, being a leader, being a failure
STRENGTHS || Hunting, manipulation, protecting those he loves, loyalty to his clan
WEAKNESS || she-cats, loyalty to his mate, Fawnspots 
DREAMS || reconciling with Skywhisper, being a better mate
FEARS || losing Fawnspots, becoming like his mother

In his younger moons, Wavestep was thought to be irresponsible and careless due to his nature of being a womanizer. He preferred spending his time surrounded by pretty she-cats whom he'd never have to have more than a few brief conversations with. He was flakey and disloyal to everyone but his sister, Mapleblossom. He couldn't be trusted to keep secrets or stick by someone's side but that was his youth and as he likes to say now, he's done a lot of growing.

It is important to note that while he's changed a lot since those days, he still is quick to disappear at the first sign of trouble for those who do not mean anything to him. Fawnspots and Mapleblossom are the only two that he'd genuinely consider laying his life down for and even though he want's to repair the relationship he has with his son, he doesn't care as strongly for the tom. Maybe it's the fear or being a parent or the fear of turning into Snowdapple, but hes always been apprehensive of getting too close to his offspring.

He's fiercely loyal to his clan but that loyalty is mostly due to the fact that his life was safed as a kit from his mother. She was exiled for killing his younger brother and attempting to kill Mapleblossom and he has since been loyally following the leadership with whatever they should decide.

When talking to Wavestep, someone would notice that he is fairly self centered and tends to direct the conversation back to himself whenever possible. This can make him seem unapproachable or egocentric but it mostly comes from his fear to get close to others.

There'd once been a time when things were simpler. When cats were happier and content in living their lives freely. That was when Snowdapple and Mink had met. She'd been a loyal member of MoorClan for generations, but the opportunity to bed a tom such as Mink was something that didn't come often. He was stunningly handsome and frighteningly mysterious. He meant danger and excitement.

Most cats who knew Snowdapple knew that she wasn't the kind to settle down. She'd been interested in flings, that was about as far as she got with most toms. And she'd been lucky for awhile. She started at an early age, baiting toms to spend their time with her, twisting them around her dainty little paws. She knew she was gorgeous and knew she could have anyone. So when Mink - a rogue nont he less - came along, she knew she wanted him and nothing would stand in her way.

She was right, no one did. Her siblings had all but disowned her for her flouncy ways and she preferred it that way. It meant that - should she choose to follow any tom to the end of the world - she could leave whenever she pleased and no one would look back. The problem with Snowdapple was that she lacked the understanding that others often felt quite strongly for those they chose to mate with and she usually did not hold the same emotions.

That had been what happened with Mink.

She'd bedded the handsome tom and left him to his own - as she often did. But within a few weeks, she knew something was different this time than all of the others. And as her stomach began to swell, fear started to set in. She was no mother. So she went to find Mink and he'd been overjoyed to see the she-cat who had slinked into his head and heart. He'd been even more thrilled to hear she was having kits - his kits - much to her sadness.

Snowdapple wasn't ready to settle down and she certainly wasn't ready to have a family of her own. Not with Mink and certainly not now. So she tried everything to end her pregnancy - even going as far as trying to injest poisonous berries. She'd been saved miraculously by the medicine cat and to her dismay, so had the kits. They were, however, born prematurely.

Three tiny bundles of brown and tan nestled against her. They were so small, so frighteningly small. One wrong move and their lives could have been stamped out...

She was dragged away from the nursery, spitting and hissing after the first kit died, it's body grown cold after it smothered under the bedding of the nest. She'd been halfway through the second - the only female - when her sister had come to check on them. Snowdapple was exiled and the two remaining kits were given to a surrogate.

The survivors - Wavekit and Maplekit - were all that remained. Their brother, Nettlekit, was mourned by the clan that night.

Wavekit grew up as normally as he could despite the circumstances. Maplekit wasn't as lucky - the medicine cat said it was because of what their mother did to her - and because of it, Wavekit took to protecting his little sister. She was slower - and most kits called her stupid for the way she stared at them blankly if the words they used were too big, but he loved her all the same.

When Wavekit became an apprentice, he was paired with a gentle she-cat by the name of Littleminnow. She was a sleek silver she-cat who took him under her paw and helped mold him into a fine warrior. However, she didn't know - no one could - that he'd follow in his mother's footsteps when it came to his partners. As soon as he was made a warrior, his curiosity got the better of him and he found the she-cats of his clan to be too much of a temptation. So much so that within his first couple of moons, he got a she-cat by the name of Whitemoon pregnant. He didn't step forward when the time came to identify who the father was to the kits Skykit and Mistkit though Skykit's pelt made it undeniably clear and he continued to live his life the way he saw fit, separating himself from the kits and the queen he impregnated.

By his twenty-fifth moon, he'd wandered away from the careless life of sharing his nest with whomever would warm it and settled down with a petite little she-cat by the name of Fawnspots. It is important to note that at this time, however, Wavestep has been reluctant to provide her with kits. Shortly after he became mates with her, Whitemoon's passing occurred.
It was during this time that he received his first apprentice to train, Rosepaw who became Rosefrost. He mentored one other apprentice, Icepaw, who passed prematurely due to green cough.

As the moons passed and the war between GorgeClan and CreekClan raged, Wavestep did everything he could to separate himself from the bloodshed. When instructed, he would go where he was commanded by his leadership, but there was only blind loyalty in the fact that this clan had been the ones who saved him and Mapleblossom from their mother and he was grateful for that if nothing else.

The loss of Mistfeather - one of the only kits he'd sired in his youthful escapades shook him to the core and it pushed him further from his old ways and into the warmth of the she-cat at his side who had been patient and understanding with him. It's led him to realize that he needs to reconcile with Skywhisper and move past the fear of becoming like his mother and give Fawnspots the family she's wanted and patiently waited for for moons. It is important to note that up until recently, Wavestep was not completely loyal with his mate and found company with outsiders - careful to cover his tracks - but he's working on getting better.
Mother: Snowdapple
Father: Mink
Siblings: Mapleblossom & Nettlekit
Mentor(s): Littleminnow
Apprentice(s): Rosefrost & Icepaw
Mate(s): Fawnspots
Kit(s): Skywhisper & Mistfeather


one line appearance || snow bengal tom with blue eyes

ANYTHING ELSE || adopted from io


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