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Dec 15, 2019 17:44:44 GMT
[attr="class","bandittt2"] In the dead of winter was probably the worst time to decide to change his life from comfortable, cushy house-cat to homeless wanderer, but there hadn't been much time for thought. The woman who had purchased him from his previous breeders decided that his sire-ing days were over and well, Brandy had only just begun to live his life in his eighty-something-th moon. He wasn't ready to lose that. So he escaped through a torn screen and now he found himself with cold paws - colder than he had ever experienced before - and a damp pelt that clung to his massive frame. And the shivering. He couldn't stop shivering.

Behind him, a path of footprints marked where he'd traveled, filling in from the snow that fell from the heavens. He could practically hear the chastising of his mother for daring to go out in the cold like this and risk his beautiful paws and soil is clean pelt. Chuckling, he imagined that she'd be rolling in her grave at the idea that he'd left his comfortable life for one of such uncertainty in the hopes of finding Ulanni and starting a family. It was preposterous to think that he'd even find where she was. His humans had put him in the car and driven for miles to go visit her each time he had. But he could have sworn that with each passing step, despite the snow and the cold around him, he could smell lavender wafting on the breeze.

Staring ahead with focused green eyes, Brandy tread through the muffled snow. Despite it being quite early in the evening, the streets he walked were quiet and barren. He could see lights on inside the nests of the humans that lined either side of the street and imagined that warmth as he walked in silence. The crunch of the snow beneath his paws was the only sound that filled the air. There were no children laughing or cars driving by. The world was silent and it only furthered the loneliness.

Finally, after several more minutes and approaching the edge of town, Brandy knew he had little choice left. He needed to find shelter. His paws felt so cold they ached and his old joints made the shivering painful. So he poked through the crack in a fence, his green eyes scanning the yard. No sign of a dog - no smell of one either. Not that he'd really be able to tell with the snow everywhere. The only thing he noticed as he peered inside was a cat in the window of the nest that this yard belonged to, staring at him as he slinked through the hole of the fence and darted through the deep snow toward the deck where he could find shelter and warmth seeping from the siding of the house. Tucking himself up against the slots in the siding, the old Maine Coon shifted and sighed before he began gingerly licking his paws to warm them and clean the packed snow from his fur.
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