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17 moons

goosesnap is most noticeably a snow white tom with bright amber eyes. he is fairly tall, even for a moorclan tom, and because of this, he is also lanky and built for speed. his fur disguises his lanky nature, as he is almost completely fluff. in leafbare, this trait is an asset to mask any bony marks of the leafbare hunger. he also has huge ears with tufts of fur on the edge.

LIKES || the spotlight, making others laugh, and talking.
DISLIKES || tense situations, silence (especially the awkward kind), and being ignored
STRENGTHS || fighting and constant optimism 
WEAKNESS || hunting and easy distractible
DREAMS || to go down in history
FEARS || being forgotten

a humorous and amiable tom, goosesnap is known for his characteristic jokes. (whether they are funny jokes, though, is debatable) he is not totally senseless, but yet never seems totally aware. his mind is on a constant roll, skipping from subject to subject at the mere whispers of distraction.

he likes fun times and generally, he does not do well under pressure. he is known for deflecting conversation as the need arrives. he tries to dictate where conversation goes, and he is quick to change subjects if he becomes annoyed with the current direction of speech. goosesnap is incredibly confident and unafraid to interrupt others to offer his piece of mind. his opinion, unfortunately, is rarely serious or in tune with current conversation. however, there is always the occasional moment where he surprises others by being suddenly serious or capable. though that is a rare circumstance.

goosesnap is humorous, and unapologetically so; he likes to take relief off of tense situations. though his snide remarks and carefree attitude tend to brush most the wrong way, he means well when he butts in or steals the spotlight. sure, he's an attention hog, but he's also an incredibly effective distraction. he is knowledgeable enough to be able to see himself in two lights, the way others see him and the way he sees himself. these two different perspectives occasionally are enough to bring him down to earth when he needs it most.

above all, however, goosesnap is a fiercely loyal tom. he's all jokes and wit until his clan is messed with. he would do anything to protect them from harm, and when his words don't work, his claws have a knack of doing the talking for him.
growing up, goosesnap's kithood, in his eyes at least, was not all that bad. sure, there were a few bumps and hiccups along the way, but for the most part, he just lived as freely as a kit might. his father was an absent figure in his childhood, claiming, even to this day, that he was afraid to hurt the fragile kittens. his mother, cricketleap, however, was a constant rock for her son and daughters.

born alongside two she-kits, goosekit always thought himself in a battle to maintain his manly nature, what with a mother and two sisters always nagging at his side. whether he won or lost that battle is often a source of debate. his sister, pigeonkit, was always the troublemaker. the moment blame was shifted her way, however, she was quick to sniffle, deny, and deflect it another way. often times, goosekit's way. to be truthful, the young tom didn't quite yet mind all the trouble he got into. he enjoyed the attention it gave him, as well as the opportunity to share his newly created jokes. those often got him into deeper trouble.

his other sister, cedarkit, was the sibling that everyone was quick to compare him to. around her, it was always "why can't you just be like cedarkit?" or "look how cedarkit's behaving." or the dreaded "i'd rather listen to cedarkit's jokes all day than hear one of yours." pigeonkit, now nicknamed pidg by her siblings, was only snarky and bitter about these constant comparisons. goosekit, though he knew cedarkit was his superior by far, labeled them as lies and falsehoods. and thus kithood continued, full of stupid jokes and tussling. for goosekit, there was never another time quite like kithood. it could've lasted forever and he would have been content to pull tails and roll around until he died. but suddenly, it was over. and the time to become an apprentice arrived.

goosepaw, apprentice to honeyfur. cedarpaw, apprentice to flametooth. pigeonpaw, apprentice to daisyleg. fate continued to hand the trio the same destiny. of course cedarpaw was assigned to one of the fiercer and braver warriors of moorclan. someone that would most certainly lead her to become an even greater example of how to be. goosepaw had some choice words about that decision. he himself was apprenticed to a rather young and mellow warrior by the name of honeyfur. a tom-cat that, as goosepaw was then certain, would only lead him to boredom and weaker destinies. pigeonpaw was given to daisyleg. it turned out daisyleg was quite the deceiving name, as the she-cat was the only warrior who could match pigeonpaw's sarcasm with comebacks of her own. the duo was the surprisingly compatible, despite the horrific arguments that ensued in the first few moons.

honeyfur, to goosepaw's delight, wasn't half-bad at being a mentor. they bonded over simple things and light-hearted moments, but often fought over goosepaw's constant desire to be in the spotlight. their pairing was far from perfect, but goosepaw could not imagine himself with anyone else by his side. it turned out, to the pride of his parents, that goosepaw was a competitive fighter and somewhat mediocre at hunting. and when the time came for his assessment, he truly felt prepared.

but no one was ready for what ensued.

the three siblings, as luck would have it, encountered a two-leg trap on their assessment. still naive, they ventured and cedarpaw, brave cedarpaw, kicked at the trap to see if she could grab the meat inside. to this day, her scream still haunts goosesnap's nightmares. his helplessness as it closed around her hind-leg still lurks in the back of his mind. perfect cedarpaw, the untouchable sibling, had fallen victim to a device that had to place in being there.

they still graduated, late due to the growing tensions between the newly freed moorclan and gorgeclan, though it did not feel like much of a victory. how were they supposed to feel, knowing that cedarpaw wasn't at their side? goosepaw, now dubbed goosesnap, pigeonpaw, now pigeonpounce. and cedarpaw, now cedarsong.

truthfully, warrior life has eased the final troubles of his apprenticeship. living in a new den with lots of new toms and she-cats to bother has certainly helped that along. as he has always done, goosesnap finds it easier to shift conversation and joke, especially when he sees cedarsong's now lame leg dragging behind it. for laughter is a fantastic mask over the scars of pain.
Mother - cricketleap
Father - unimportant
Siblings - pigeonpounce and cedarsong
Mentor - honeyfur
Apprentice - none
Mate - none
Kit - none


one line appearance || a tall white furred tom with amber eyes.

ALIAS || @puddlesdog


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