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"You can't always rely on strength for everything. Sometimes you have to lower your price and accepted that you need help..believe me my own love over it."
the basics
NAME || Swiftshadow
CLAN || Gorgeclan
RANK || Deputy
AGE || 30 Moons
GENDER || Cis Male
OTHER || anything else to note?
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || A handsome brown tabby with jade green eyes.
APPEARANCE || Swiftshadow is a battle machine. His pelt is as brown as bark with darker classic  across his body and noticeable M on the tom of his forehead. It's very thick and long just like brush tail. Another thing to note is swiftshadow is huge stands 18 inches tall easy towering most of his clan-mates and with the bulk of "bear" no wonder why many seem to be quite intimidating by him. The tom's seems to scowl with unreadable glint with his jade green eyes but a faint smile appear from time to time!
the personality
LIKES || Long walks, To feeling the cold breeze brush against his fur, Peace of mind
DISLIKES || Arrogance, Needless Bloodshed, Outsiders 
  • To wimp Gorseclan back into shape
  • To revenge on his father
  • To see that his children grow and live their lives 

  • Falling his clan
  • Losing more of his family

OVERALL || Swiftshadow is mixed with ambition and aggression. He tends to work impulse or go with his gut rather than just sitting and wait around for things to be done. He always speaks his mind and doesn't care a flying mouse who gets upset or offended. As tom with a high sense of pride and duty. He greatly argues against anything that seems morally wrong. Swiftshadow is never afraid to go behind people backs for the greater good either. Swiftshadow is known for best the undivided dedication to his clan and warrior code. He might not be as loyal to his leader or other ranks but the clan as a whole is very important to him. In addition, this tom-cat is a perfectionist trying to his duties to the best he can. Regardless of how tired he might be if more tasks need to be done to ensure his clan safe, he'll do without pause or care. He is known to be cold and bitter for the most part but that steams from his hard past and really underneath is tom who means-well and has to live life a lot of  regrets.
the history
FATHER || Fisher (exiled) - I will be making shortly! 
MOTHER || Morninglight
Sisters || Foxkit,Ravenkit,(Dead), Ripplesun - Alive - Adoptable
Mate || Honeydew (Dead)
Kits || Ravenpaw,Foxpaw, Wolfpaw,Rookpaw (Alive) - Adoptable
In the beginning, Swiftkit was happy and cheerful little one. The average head-strong tom-kit with big dreams. His mother was weak-minded she-cat to be controlled at whims clan-wide respected father. He had other siblings three sisters, one of whom was stillborn. Due to being birthed in leaf-bare, Swiftkit was quite weak barely able to survive which didn't sit well with his father. He always some to be proud of not weaklings. Swiftkit knew could do nothing as father blame and took his anger out on his poor mother and Starclan. Swiftkit felt so helpless when sickness took another one of his sister away, which he guessed was Starclan's punishment. He hated his father ever since. Elder stories telling of his parents truly loving for other another fell on deaf ears. Lies is what he called them and thus resentment and bitterness grew in Swiftkit's heart and he even shunned his own sister.

When he finally reached the age of six moons, there was changed in mother who became skittish and fearfully protective but it didn't matter to him much. Nothing mattered really anymore. Swiftpaw was cold and spiteful seeing his family only as weaklings. He father his notice focusing more on Ripplepaw than him, he couldn't care less. Swiftpaw never spoke a would to her unless they had to share duties. Most of the time it ended some argument or fight. His mentor was well-respect she-cat who never took kindly to her father actions. She tried showing to show Swiftpaw to open his heart to love and compassion but it was fruitless and just couldn't chick with ideas of friendship.However, there was always this she-cat by the name Honeypaw who watches him for afar. As the daughter of one of his father "friends", Swift just brushed her off like dead-weight. However, Honeypaw just followed quietly and always smiled at him despite the obvious resentment he had for her. It was the start of a very weird relationship between them. It wasn't before long that Honeypaw and Swiftpaw were friends. That was a huge milestone in his case. Through hardships and pains, they grew closer and so Honeypaw was the only exception to his foul mood. She was a weakness, he was okay with having.

Swiftshadow and Honeydew received their warrior names together thankfully, not long after became mates. Finally, feel a weight lifted off his shoulders, Swift reached out to his sister. Ripplesun, and discovered a dark secret leads lead to their father's being exiled. Now he felt happiness and relief once for the moment. Bonestar's was finally thrown out of power and Fangstar came into power in was over.For determination and strength he was chosen as the new deputy of Gorgeclan. Honeydew and him decided to settle down soon enough four little miracles came into the world. He was carefully to balance of his duties with his  emotions  and family becoming quite the devoted dad and for good reason. Not three days after his kits were apprenticed Honeydew was found dead, throat bitten. Swiftshadow knew his father was back but he wasn't afraid there will some swift justice coming his soon enough.
the roleplayer
ALIAS || @aria
OTHER CHARACTERS || @brindlebear
ANYTHING ELSE || any questions or comments you might have, either to the admin, or other people who wish to interact with your character
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