Like Looking Into a Mirror and Screaming

Dec 15, 2019 1:40:58 GMT
Seclusion continued.

It was a dangerous time to be alone. Yet that's all Redwhisper ever wanted. Amber gaze burned like moons in the hazy half-light as she entered the clearing. It wasn't too long ago that the gathering took place here. A ceremony she dare not attend. So many bodies in one place. So many eyes. She could hear the remains of their murmuring. Speech never really went away. It clung to the air like this StarClan-forsaken chill. Her breathing fogged out in front of her. It caught the morning light and turned to fire. Redwhisper wondered for a moment if it actually would burn. 

This place was haunting. Redwhisper closed her eyes so she wouldn't see the memories. 'Shadowstep...' Sometimes, especially recently, she wondered if their  dalliance actually happened. She went to such lengths to make it disappear... So maybe it actually had. Or just never existed at all. It made sense. No one questioned her. No one saw her grow in size. She nearly, humorlessly, chuckled. As if she wasn't already crazy enough, Redwhisper had an imaginary affair too. Great.

The snow was thin here, but still she could feel it biting into her paws. She found a spot bathed in dawn light and began to dig to the slightly warmer ground.When her icy nest was complete, she sighed and finally closed her lids. Redwhisper hadn't slept in a couple days...

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Dec 24, 2019 5:09:03 GMT
This place was familiar...vaguely. Not that he had ever been here, even before then, but he had been shown it once, as he was walked around the span of his first home, to explore and learn as he went. This place had been important...the strange ring of mushrooms and the four stumps had meant...something. A place that cats would go on the full moon. At least that was not now - they had not need to be there. Which meant it was clear, right? Safe?

Rogues would not go, surely. Would they?

Was he a rogue? The whispers in his head sometimes told him yes. But then again, they said all sorts of things. Scary things, but perhaps they were helping him? They did warn him when someone meant him harm...but did those cats ever actually mean to hurt him? Yes. They would whisper. Firpaw pinned his ears, though he was quick to swivel them toward another nonexistent voice all the same. All cats are killers, just like her, just like him...

Shuddering, Firpaw lifted a paw to awkwardly swat at his ear, almost stumbling over onto the snowy ground in the process, before he simply settled with violently shaking his head as though he could rattle the hissing echoes into silence. They ebbed slightly, but they did not fall silent - they never did. Instead he simply could not make out what they were saying beyond the occasionally hissed or screeched word, and it only served to unnerve him further.

That was, until his eyes rose from the snow to settle on fur.

Alarmed, yet not allowed a sound to leave him, the tom sprung back in surprise and flattened himself to the earth, staring wide-eyed at the obviously-feline shape curled up in the circle of weirdly snowless earth. 'Me?' He thought, though the thought did not remain his for long as echoes of you, you, you swirled frantically in his mind, alongside hissed threats and cautionary warnings of death and destruction.

After it became clear that the other feline had not moved - asleep, maybe? - Firpaw crawled forward at a snail's pace, ready to flinch back and dart away at the slightest movements. It was not until he was perhaps a fox length away, body riddled with tension and eyes zeroed in on the stranger that he let their scent watch over him - only to screech and stumble back as her flank moved with a breath, or perhaps her eyes opened, or maybe she shifted a paw or flicked an ear...

Really he did not allow himself the chance to even noticed what startled him.

Instead, the tom darted away with a cry of "Not me!" and dashed behind one of the stumps, hidden from view in a matter of seconds. The insistence of his voices toward her - yes he knew at least now they were female, probably, though whether they existed or not was still entirely beyond him - intentions had the tom prowling a few steps to stare around the stump at her with impossibly wide eyes.

"Are you gonna kill me?" he blurted out, before snapping his own mouth shut, seemingly startled by the words and perhaps wondering where they even came from. Still, with ears pinned and tail quivering, the fox-furred tom awaited an answer all the same, uncaring for the fact that she certainly could not speak at a normal volume for this conversation.

He was not letting her get closer, surely.

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