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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
Spirit: For his marking, and thus assumed connection to starclan from birth

Song: for a silver tongue and charming ways
50 Moons
Oneclan (formerly Moorclan)


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Purchased Items
Special Marking - First Character Bonus; Crescent & star on his forehead

Anything Else
He was formerly the leader of Moorclan - While he gave up his name in the spirit of Oneclan for equality with his other co-leaders, he retained his remaining lives from his leadership.
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
a lean black and white tom with bright yellow eyes
General Appearance
Spiritsong is every bit a cat of the moorlands. A lean, long-legged feline with short fur and quick paws, he can run like the wind and strike like a snake, yet he does not look nearly as dangerous as either. If anything, he is a very attractive cat, genetically male and draped in a robe of black fur, accented by white upon his chest, stomach, nose, left fore-paw, and most notably the strange marking on his forehead. The marking shaped as a crescent moon ascended by a star. On either side, below this strange marking seemingly of the ancestors, are two striking yellow eyes that can lure anyone in. Even his torn ear fails to ruin his charm, instead giving more allure as someone strong and capable, not just a pretty face, much like the muscle hidden beneath his dark fur.

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Racing, play-fighting, teasing and flirting, the stars, team hunting, his clan, companionship

Rain, cold, rats, bitter herbs, disloyalty, treachery, undue mistreatment

Fighting, Confidence, Charm, Flirting, Reassurance, Fairness

Seriousness, Feelings, Somewhat Reckless, Reactive, Occasionally Selfish

To see the Spore leave for good and the clans rebuild to full strength again. Also to one day be a parent that would make Cherrybloom proud

Losing anyone he loves (especially Cherrybloom or Applecloud)

Spiritsong is a bold feline, one that often comes across as audacious, and perhaps even a little cocky. He does not seem like the type to take entirely seriously, with his suave confidence and alluring charm. However, that is everyone's first mistake, for this feline is easily misjudged. Spiritsong makes quite the aim to get along with others, to be underestimated and encourage them to let their guard down around him, when what he is really doing is testing their boundaries. He is a very observant feline, and he pays a lot of attention to what he may seem the type never to notice. he never lets on to what he is truly thinking, but he is always watching, without fail. In fact, he is very cunning in that sense. He often has a strategy in place for almost any situation, and what may seem like bold risks or even foolishness may very well be a carefully calculated and thought out plan that no one ever expected. Deep down despite his more jovial and charismatic personality, Spiritsong is not the most trusting of feline's. In fact, he is surprisingly cautious and wary, and often making silent judgments about those around him. While he does not have a short-temper on the surface, he has a tendency to hold grudges and can be very slow to trust and let others in, even if he may seem to them like the most open feline around. He paints himself a mask, but he really is not everything he seems. This is the kind of cat you do not want to get on the bad side of, because where some might think they have seen him at his worst and not been too worried, they have no idea what is in store for them if they really cross the line. This is a cat capable of killing without hesitation if you cross him too far, with only Starclan putting hesitation in his lethal claws. He may not be the best at accepting his feelings or sticking around in a situation where he has something to lose, but he would protect those he cares about to his very last breath.

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Mother: Astercloud (deceased)

Father: Heronflight (deceased)

Siblings: Nightfeather (deceased), Cherrybloom

Extended: Sunfire (nephew), Morningsky (niece), Robinflight (adopted niece)

Former Mentors: Brackenfire (warrior), Snowberry (Med)

Other: Harestar (deceased - predecessor), Stormflower (starclan warrior),  Stoatstar and Fangstar (deceased - former fellow leaders), Littlebird and Seawatcher (co-leaders)


Kit(s): Expecting

When a red tabby tom and a dilute calico molly had their three kittens, there was no doubt that the trio belonged to the pair, especially from the moment they opened their eyes, which all bore clear influence from their loving parents. And they were loving. In fact, they had been in love since they became warriors, and it seemed this love would never die, especially not with the new bond of parenthood to cement their relationship further into eternity. So, the kits had a happy youth, playing, laughing and loving life. It seemed that nothing could ever go wrong. Where Cherrykit and Nightkit, their two daughters, were treated well, their brother had always been undeniably special. He was named for his pelt, yet rather than for its black majority, for the strange crescent star shape of the white marking on his forehead. His mother and much of the clan swore he was connected to the stars, and thus he was named Spiritkit, for surely he held the spirit of the ancestors within him.

Spiritpaw's apprenticeship was slightly less normal than his kithood, yet no less enjoyable, even if he started off disliking all the chores. His mentor, Brackenfire, was a bit tough and had high expectations, but Spiritpaw thrived beneath the challenge, and as Brackenfire molded him into a young warrior, they formed a strong bond. A bond that would see the tom like a second father for Spiritpaw and his sisters, as well as extra support as Astercloud's close friend, for Heronflight had begun to drawn away from his family, slowly growing colder and more distant. Yet this was not as strange as how other cats treated him. Spiritpaw often caught others staring and whispering, and some would treat him with more respect than an apprentice surely deserved, whilst others would raise the bar of their expectations too high for his youth or ask him things he did not understand, as though they believed him someone more than he was. His mother would only ever tell him it was because he was special, and he should enjoy it, whilst Brackenfire told him it did not matter what others thought of him, but what he thought of himself. With little help there, no matter how kind their words were, Spiritpaw sought the medicine cat for aid. Surely if this was related to Starclan, then the cat closest to the stars could guide them? Yet this was only stranger. They started asking him even weirder questions, as well as speaking with his mother, mentor and their leader quite often. Eventually, without any input from him, it was announced he would be transferred under their tutelage, for they all believed that he would become the closest to the stars, and that was what his mark must mean. At first, he was dubious. The medicine cat admitted to having received no prophecy or confirmation from Starclan, after all. However, the more adamant everyone was and the more convinced the rest of the clan became now that their higher ranks had made such a choice, he began to believe it too. Maybe he really was connected to Starclan. It was then he made his first big mistake. He, alongside his mother, stopped paying so much attention to Heronflight, and all of his warning signs.

Heronflight had always been a formidable warrior, a great fighter. In fact, once Spiritpaw became a medicine cat apprentice, he came back into contact with his son, but only to give him harsh and unforgiving battle lessons so that he was not 'slacking off' or 'going soft on him.' Spiritpaw was confused, uncertain where the loving father he had once known had gone. Yet he was not too alarmed yet, he figured this would pass and soon his father would be back with them. He was wrong. One day, his mother was reported dead. Everyone believed it was a fox, but Spiritpaw had seen his parents fighting just days before about Heronflight's assumption that Astercloud had been cheating on her with Brackenfire, and found himself certain that his father had killed his mother, for he had started being more and more cruel to her ever since he came back into contact with his son, however cold and brief. Torn, and feeling like he did not belong as a healer, he began to wonder if his true duty was to protect, rather than to heal, for surely there were more ways than healing to serve Starclan, and he felt that surely a cat good with herbs would be a better healer than someone with a potential connection to Starclan. It was his sisters, this time, that were his guiding voices. With their help, he convinced the medicine cat and leader to transfer him back to a normal apprentice under Brackenfire's training once more. While the healer was reluctant, they would not force him to remain their apprentice, and the rest of the clan decided that this must have been Starclan's will for him instead. Many were hopeful that, as a warrior apprentice, perhaps he would become leader one day and lead beneath Starclan's guidance to bring their clan to its best.

Under Brackenfire's training, Spiritpaw was freed once again from his father's paws. With passing time and great progress, he grew beneath the eyes of his clan into a lean, handsome and charming warrior who had every intention to do right by his clan, and to reach the greatness everyone seemed to see in his future. Spiritsong was named for his silver tongue and charming ways, the way he could sooth worries with his words and hearts with his smile. Yet this was not all he was. Secretly, he was a fighter, and a wary one at that. He was incredibly distrustful of his father, and very protective of his family. Not matter how he acted in the eyes of the clan, Heronflight always put him on edge. Yet without proof, he could do nothing. When he got his first apprentice, he protected him just as fiercely. Soon enough, his proof came, but it was something he wished he had never hoped for, as it was a devastating blow. Convinced now that his kits were in fact Brackenfire's, and not his own, Heronflight watched his kits as closely as Spiritsong watched him. For the longest time, despite all the hell that was going on around them, this was Spiritsong's focus. Protecting his sisters. He did well, for a time, yet his father was slowly going mad right before their eyes, and to them, it soon became plain to see. Eventually, he cornered the sisters, and attacked, having managed to escape the watchful gaze of their brother. Spiritsong arrived, but too late. Nightfeather had already been killed, and Cherrybloom lay dying. In a rage, Spiritsong forgot his vows to Starclan, his apparent destiny, and killed his father, who managed little more than tearing his son's ear in return. The student had truly surpassed the master. With blood on his paws and murder in his eyes, it was only his prior experience as a healer's apprentice that allowed Spiritsong to save his sister's life, stemming the blood flow and keeping her alive in time for help to arrive. It was thanks to him that Cherrybloom lived, everyone made sure to remind him that, but they felt like empty words. Not only had he broken his vow, he blamed himself for Nightfeather's death, and as his sister lay wounded, wondered if her death would be added to his toll as well, even if he knew deep down it was not his fault. How could a spirit of the stars be so...helpless? For the first time since he was an apprentice, Spiritsong doubted what everyone else believed to be true. He briefly considered returning to his former stance as a medicine cat, at his old mentor's request, but as his sister's sight was unable to be saved, he deemed himself unworthy. In his darkest times he considered leaving the clan, but even blinded, his sister was the light he needed in his life, and she helped him to regain his drive to at least do his best for the clan. To prove himself once more, to himself, not to the clan who more than believed in him, he put all his efforts into helping his clan and the chaos beyond its borders, even risking himself as a spy and a fighter where he could.

Moorclan had all but fallen under Gorgeclan's control by then, the clan who had already shattered Creekclan, and Spiritsong hated them for it. Deep down he wanted to kill Bonestar himself, and wandered if perhaps this was his role in life. However, while he was slowly regaining his spirit, he no longer believed himself to be anything to Starclan. He was just a cat, and one who had broken their laws no less - he did not deserve to be their conduit. So he focused on fighting, and on protecting his sister. Yet more and more he began to question, to wonder what he was truly meant for. With the change in Harestar and Moorclan's nigh enslavement beneath Bonestar, with how Creekclan had already been shattered, he began to listen to the voices that whispered his destiny was to save his clan. Yet it was not he who saved them. In the end, it was Whiteflower, she who killed the tyrant. Yet Spiritsong helped in his own way, perhaps, to set up a a future he could not yet perceive. Sickened by the way Moorclan had bowed beneath Gorgeclan's will, Spiritsong decided to make his own choice, and began trying to guide his leader as he could, trying to encourage her, to show her what the clan needed. Yet she did what he did not expect. When her deputy died, she had him take their place. Spiritsong had been shocked, but the clan was not. They had always thought he was destined for something great, and to see him succeed their broken leader was already a light of hope for them. So, he strove to do his best as her deputy, to do as much as he could for his clan. Eventually, he found himself doing more than she did, for how much she caved, how much she came to doubt herself. By the time she died after Bonestar's life was taken, he was all but leading the clan already.

However, Spiritsong was doubtful. He felt this was what he was meant to do, yet it was not him who saved anyone. All he had done was take Harestar's place. That was no feat. His mark nor his actions made him worthy, and he still had yet to forgive himself. Deep down, he feared Starclan would never forgive him, either. Yet his courage was regained once again with the guiding words of his sister, and his spirit revived alongside his lives. It was Stormflower, the first Starclanner to greet him, that settled his worries and truly restored him to who he ought to be. "You are not to blame," she had said, "we understand why you took his life, and I am certain we will understand if you do so again." The life she gave to him was for knowing what judgement should be placed, and not doubting that it is right. Not only was he forgiven, but even without confirmation or denial of his assumed destiny, he was given their faith in return all the same, something that only strengthened his. From then on, he vowed to represent Starclan as best he ever could, by leading Moorclan to what it was always meant to be.

However, the moons of leadership to come were far from easy. Relations between the clans were shaky, and fights were commonplace in these times. However, while that seemed bad enough, Starclan could do nothing to spare them from what was to come. Known as the Spore, a new illness swept through the land, first hitting Moorclan, before swiftly spreading throughout the rest. This was a time of fear and confusion for all, Spiritstar included. His sister Cherrybloom and his deputy Applecloud because his rocks, holding him stable through such trying times, though as the sickness grew worse and no hope for a cure was found, dreams of losing them to began to haunt him.

The sickness of his sister and niece hit him harder, more so than the threat of the illness to his clan itself. Perhaps it was selfish, but he could not help but feel that way. Fortunately, they recovered in time, but Applecloud was next to fall ill not long after they began to grow close. Her whispered words in sickness had given him hope for something else, but they had to be pushed aside. There was a new decision to be made.

With numbers between the clans devastatingly low, and the leader of Gorgeclan already felled by the Spore, Spiritstar alighted the idea of the clans uniting to give them all their best chance. It was Leaf-bare by then, and no clan had hope of surviving it alone. Though with reluctance, the clans folded into one, and together they began to tackle the illness as a single clan. Sick cats were quarantined, and while the source had been discovered and ultimately dealt with, there seemed still no hope for a cure. The best it seemed they could do was wait it out, or hope that the dreams of the medicine cats truly spoke of a salvation to come.
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50 Moons
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