He who demands silence

Dec 12, 2019 3:50:13 GMT
Blackstag barely shifts from his spot on the rotten stump his blazing orange eyes staring right ahead. He was tuning out the hub-bub of the chattering cats around him. “I demand utter silence” he growls softly to a passing cat who just scurried away faster at the huge beasts gravely tone. Eyes close for a moment as if he was trying to collect his thoughts before taking a deep breath and exhales. Muscles shift as he hears another pair of footsteps and he barely turns to greet whoever was approaching.

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Dec 21, 2019 0:32:32 GMT
"Let's put a smile on that face..."
"Get rid of it." The growl was harsh and provided absolutely no room for argument. Joker stared down the two other cats as they scrambled to move the body of their companion, heads down and gazes averted. A hiss was directed towards the few cats who lingered in the vicinity of where the fight had occurred. No matter how much they tried to look busy, Joker knew their band. They knew it was simply to watch a cat be put in their place. Permanently. In the ground.

Contented now, the calico jumped to stand on the boulder pile that marked their den and began cleaning the blood off of their paws. The blood itself never bothered them, but the way it clung to their fur was uncomfortable. That, and anything to keep the embarrassment from being shaved down by those Twolegs out of their mind. Joker found their gaze caught halfway through their bath by the form of Blackstag on his stump. A frown appeared on their face - didn't he have work that needed to be done? Drift was usually better about keeping their cats busy.

Joker approached the tom, letting their steps purposefully crunch on the snow to get his attention before they stopped. "Enjoying the day, are you?" they asked pleasantly, falsely cheerful. "Finished all your duties for the day? Checked that there was nothing else to be done before you decided to take a rest?"

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Jan 2, 2020 1:23:17 GMT
“Yes” the black feline murmured softly turning to look at the leader, his face relaxed and calm. “The boarders have been patrolled and all is well. I took two other guards with who went to patrol along the southern border area. They should be returning shortly” Blackstag explains, “Joker, That is all I have to report for the moment. You’re not displeased with me, are you?” He then his face expressed a flicker of confusion and worry at the other male.


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