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Dec 26, 2019 1:17:02 GMT

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Skywhisper remained unfazed by Flickerfrost's words. That she had always been snappy. A temper was not something unexpected. He was a little more surprised when Featherpaw spoke. It was rather strange how the sharp-tongued mentor and the shy apprentice got along. He listened but only half-heartedly to Featherpaw's description of her symptoms. As far as Skywhisper knew, the Spore was fickle. It did not use one set of symptoms and often varied from cat to cat. There was no real way to know if Featherpaw had a dizzy spell or the disease itself. [break]
He caught a glance between the two. Looks like the mentor and apprentice weren't actually the ones to share everything either. [break]
"There was no reason for you to know until now," he meowed pointedly and bluntly. "It is not contagious. It's symptoms are not consistent from cat to cat. You cannot fight it. No herb treats it. You watch and hope the cat ill does not die. Your leaders were also notified regarding the Spore last Gathering."
He gave Flickerfrost a rather pointed look. If her leader had not bothered to tell her about the disease from Spiritstar's words, then that was no concern of Skywhisper's. He had been sure the leaders would have told the other medicine cats in warning. Guess that was not the case. [break]
"We know as little as you do," he swished his tail over the water and glanced at Flickerfrost again. If it were StarClan's will to work with the other Clans, he would. He had a few ideas, none of them too extravagant, so he would wait for the opinions of the other medicine cats first.

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Jan 2, 2020 18:10:27 GMT

he bristled as flickerfrost's words slipped into the cave. a frosty look overcoming him as the two older medicine cats chatted back and forth like none of the apprentices were there. his amber eyes peered into the darkness around them for a moment before returning to the she-cats and tom before him. "i will relay this back to berrybloom of course... but we should be going less our clan think we have fallen ill as well." he snipped, growing uncomfortable as the two older medicine cats spoke of herb combinations and of leaders knowledge. 

had this been anything other then a life or death situation he would have shrugged it off and told the medicine cats he was done. but now he awaited them to take their leave. he knew that the sooner they got this news back to their clan leaders, and for him, his mentor, the sooner they could figure it out. "while these shiny strangers are fine and dandy, we can't wait on our paws hoping some savior comes prancing through our territory with news." his whispers twitched in annoyance, his eyes no longer seeking strength from featherpaw or curiosity from the silent orchidpaw in the background.

"creekclan, i assume, will aid in any help. i can not speak for stoatstar in regards to his... ideals... on gorgeclan but i will help the best i can. creekclan rose from nothing, and we will not fall to some silly illness, nor will we allow another clan to fall." he bit out, a pride for his clan flooding his face, the tell all signs of his previous warrior training. while a smart tom, his mouth did get the better of him, but he stood roughly, his body swaying as he turned towards the entrance. "my escort would be here... i must go," he meowed, before looking over his shoulder with what would his last shy look towards the others before he disappeared into the darkness.

"and thank you."  
welp hope this is okay!

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Jan 3, 2020 6:20:03 GMT
Featherpaw was glad the conversation did not remain on her for much longer. Flickerfrost's anger was rising again after the news that Moorclan had been hiding this disease from them for a moon, and beside her Spiderpaw seemed agitated as well, though whether it was at the anger or the fact they were being pretty much ignored by the older cats was beyond her. He seemed less likely to care about the arguing, sure, but she could not claim to know that for sure.

He seemed tougher than Featherpaw, but then, so were most cats.

Even now, the fact her mentor had said nothing, offered her little more than a firm nod and hardened gaze...the apprentice did not look forward to the talk that awaited her. How was she to know how bad the strange sickness she had experienced was, before what had happened to Coyotecall? Even then she knew barely anything about it - Flickerfrost had told her almost nothing, and from what she knew she was the only one in Gorgeclan to have had it beyond...Coyotecall. The thought made her shudder slightly, but while the instinct was there as it often was with Wolfpaw, Featherpaw did not know the young Creekclanner beside her well enough to lean into his warmth for comfort. Instead, she sat rigid and silent by his side.

Spiderpaw's words drew her attention back to him in full, and he certainly sounded bitter. It reminded the young molly of Wolfpaw when he was annoyed, or the calmer confrontations she had seen between Flickerfrost and Fangstar from time to time. Cold and snappish, his eyes hard and certainly no longer hinting toward nervousness. He was fed up, seemingly, though Featherpaw had no idea how to approach calming him down. He was practically a stranger, and the thought of an angry stranger made her shrink away from him slightly.

His thanks, however, were offered a little softer, and Featherpaw offered him a warmer blink in return.

With Spiderpaw leaving, Featherpaw could feel the chill biting at her again, though she did little more than shift uncomfortably in her spot. Drawing her gaze from the exit, the apprentice let it dance over the Moorclanner's briefly, before it drifted toward her mentor in question, tail flicking by her side. With one of the three clans going, was there much more point in remaining?

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Jan 5, 2020 23:12:06 GMT
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Fickerfrost wasn't entirely surprised that Skywhisper had kept information from the other Clans - of course MoorClan would protect their secrets and seclude themselves, the bunch of cowards that they were. Still, if she had known it wasn't contagious, she would have been far less crass with Coyotecall's body. She sneered. Pathetic. And he called himself a healer of cats. She'd see how much information she could lend to MoorClan when a cure was finally discovered. 'We know as little as you do.' Clearly, that was not the case. Bitterly, she swung her head away from Skywhisper, instead choosing to focus her gaze on her apprentice and Spiderpaw.

"You're right, Spiderpaw. It will come of no good if we're all out all night. Clearly, StarClan has shared with us all they intend to." She stretched out her limbs, tail flicking idly behind her. "And the point isn't to wait for help. We'll do all we can to figure this out, but clearly there's some outside source to help if StarClan is showing us one."

Flickerfrost nodded to the apprentice as he passed, wishing him safe travels and not contesting what he had obviously referenced. It was no secret that GorgeClan wasn't the greatest. She knew it, it was something she often preached. But she also had no intention of sitting around and letting cats die, no matter what Fangstar would tell if. If CreekClan needed something, she'd help regardless. "Come on, Featherpaw. We should be going as well." She flicked her tail to gather her apprentice, only offering Skywhisper a curt nod as they passed. 

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