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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: applekit .. applepaw .. applecloud
apple: for the coloration of her pelt
cloud: for her inner gentle nature, but also for her fluffy coat
thirty-seven moons
formerly moorclan, currently oneclan
formerly deputy, stepped down to warrior


Other Characters
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Desired Warrior Name
current desired warrior name already applied
Anything Else
linked to old moorclan leader, harestar.
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
beautiful long haired calico she, amber eyes
General Appearance
out of place, is a word used most commonly with the young she-cat. there is a certain level of dishonesty when it comes to her parentage - something that is known throughout the clan, but is held in little regard as the she-cat has shown her loyalty. her long pelt stems from her mother's side of the family, the calico coat - a mishaps of both a calico she, and a red-toned tom. while her coat is unusual, the she-cat is built for life on the moors. her legs, her body, structured to keep her agile and quick. she has long legs, but due to her long fur, can be subject to a field of view that shows her as having short legs and long torso. she possesses large, round ears and large round eyes of honey gold. one would call her attractive.

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+ running
+ stargazing
+ gatherings
+ hunting
+ thunder storms

+ swimming
+ humid days
+ pointless wars
+ disloyalty
+ mousebrains

+ agility
+ stamina
+ tracking

+ swimming
+ romantic situations
+ offensive fighting

+ to restore moorclan's glory (formerly)
+ to survive the spore (formerly, achieved)
+ to settle down, and tell spiritsong (currently in progress)

+ to fail her clan
+ to be an unfit mother
+ to be rejected

to begin with applecloud, there is almost a two-sided nature to her. but the first thing most cats will notice, and properly rely to other cats is that there is a coldness and isolated feeling about her. she is rough around the edges, giving off a deeply unsettling negative fib to those around her as she plays the part of the harden leader. for her, it comes, not only from the memories of being judged based on her bloodline - but having to live up and beyond the life of harestar. applecloud, while stubborn and easily angered can be somewhat of a pawful when it comes to not only her own clan - but the others around her. since the death of her grandmother and the fall of her clan from higher standards, she has felt she needs to show the other clans and her clan mates they are great and mighty still. the she-cat has a natural habit of being argumentative with those who decided to stand up to her - specially without facts. if the felines does present and prove her wrong, she will begrudgingly acknowledge it.

however, outside those negative and cold front - applecloud is a she-cat struggling to find herself. she was once bubbly and cheerful among her family and friends - namely her sister blossomfall. now, still hidden under most of the she-cat constant worrying, is a friendly and mothering she-cat. she strives to be brave and compassionate to those in need, settling a warm touch that many would not expect from such a cold-fronted she-cat. an aspect that many would not expect is that she is extremely intelligent, cunning and observant. one thing she has in her back pocket. she will constantly pushed through to be there for those in need, and one would be surprise to see her hovering in the medicine cat's den more times than one would think. she takes an interest in the well being of each of her warriors, queens, apprentices, elders and kits.

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Mother: liliac ✝
↳ recently deceased due to old age
↳ kitty-pet mother of applecloud and blossomfall

Father: cherryclaw ✝
↳ recently deceased due to the spore
↳ moorclan senior warrior who's mother was the former leader.

Siblings: blossomfall ✝
↳ deceased sister of applecloud
↳ the two were close

Extended: harestar ✝
↳ the former leader prior to spiritsong
↳ paternal grandmother of applecloud

redwhisker ✝
↳ a former elder of moorclan
↳ died of natural causes prior to the merge
↳ paternal grandfather of applecloud

Mentor: tallstep ✝
↳ former mentor of applecloud
↳ died as the second victim to the spore, only a day after the first victim.

Apprentices: ferretbark ✝
↳ former apprentice
↳ deceased due to spore

Other: spiritsong
↳ love interest

↳ friend

↳ friend

it began in the earliest of days, a fluke meeting of a kitty-pet experiencing wanderlust and the desire of a man-whorish tom. the likes of which seems to still wander the moors to this day. the kitty-pet desired the chance to become a warrior, wanting nothing more then to be with the felines of the clans this tom speaks so highly of. she knows him by cherryclaw and she thinks it means he is strong, proud and an amazing fighter. she is not wrong. her name is liliac, the very notion of feminine and sweetness, it is why the tom refuses her efforts, but continues to meet her just outside her fence, sharing embraces throughout the night.

surprisingly enough, it happens, the tell all mistake that causes a cat to become homeless should an owner not care much for them. she seeks out the clan, her heart singing with hope as she stumbles upon cats that smell just like him. she is turned away and so near her kitting she gives birth on the border, anger fueling her once innocent soul as she nurses her two daughters - apple and blossom - before waiting until her mate is on patrol. she finally scents him and with her two daughters hanging loosely from her jaws she approaches and demands they take her in. to her surprise, his mother and leader is among the cats - harestar.

she is granted a time to be with her daughters, to nurse them and be what a mother should. she loves her daughters greatly, even adapting their names to be clan like - to show her affection and willingness to be a clan cat. however it is cherryclaw's coldness and lack of love for her that causes her to leave once her kittens are weened. she tells them that she loves them dearly, and the only well wishes that are sent her way as she leaves are from the grandfather of her kits, redwhisker, who dots on his granddaughters and tells liliac that should she wish to see them, all she must do is ask for him. she turns away without a look back.

the younger of the two, applekit is what one would describe as haunted by the leaving of her mother. she is not as sweet and dotting as her sister blossomkit - nor is she cruel and heartless like her father, cherryclaw. she is surprised to find her interest in the warriorhood to be stronger than most and is surprised when her grandmother approaches her to tell her that she will be given to tallstep - the very tom who was also on patrol during her arrival to the clans. she is content gaining this tom as her mentor but can not help but be envious of her sister who gets their grandmother and leader as her mentor. both she-cats are noted to be agile and intelligent beyond their moons.

the call for paws and safety comes when she is still but an apprentice. she urges her grandmother to send her alongside her grandfather into battle, but even the old tom knocks down the thought. in what many would describe as the only act of affection harestar has ever spared towards her grandkits, she denies the request. it is to no surprise that when their grandfather returns, the only surviving warrior of the patrol, broken... bloddy and cold - that the forest has turned sour. while redwhisker still dots on his grandkits, his relations with harestar seemed to have soured.

with the happenings in the clans raging, gorgeclan's constant demands and the almost defeat of creekclan, applepaw and blossompaw ban together to speak to their grandmother, hoping that their blood would allow her to see reason. at the last moment, before entering their grandmother's den, blossompaw bails leaving applepaw to confront their grandmother alone. harestar does not see reason. for that she and her sister are pushed back a moon for their training and low and behold she is more angry with her grandmother than her sister, quietly demanding the stars to strike the she-cat.

when they are finally of age to become warriors they are named blossomfall and applecloud. their vigil is quiet, the silence of the forest eerily peaceful as if the storm is about to start raging. in their silence the she-cats vow to protect their clan, even if it means becoming traitors to their own grandmother to do so. it is almost to no surprise that their first gathering as warriors not long after brings about a warmth of confusion as applecloud and blossomfall meet a young tom from creekclan who takes more interest in the elder sister than the younger. the two meet in secret and when applecloud stumbles upon the meeting place she see's her sister's lifeless body, and the tom barely clinging to life. he begs for forgiveness, that he tried to save her. applecloud turns from the tom in anger, letting him die alone and cold.

surprisingly enough, applecloud is given an apprentice by the name of ferretpaw. the two seem to get along well, although his bubbly personality happens to get on applecloud's nerves more often than not. the young apprentice constantly meows to anyone who can hear him that his mentor will likely murder him if he was from any other clan but their own. applecloud only happily agrees with his notion, scaring the poor tom even more. however, she does not try to crush his spirit. it is surprising when biarstar calls for moorclan's aid, and applecloud feels the urge to advise her grandmother. she interrupts the meeting her grandmother has staged with her deputy, spiritsong and the medicine cats. she demands they aid creekclan, but she is sent away angry and fuming.

the death of briarstar comes with the disbanding of creekclan and an overwhelming guilt. she is almost relieved when bonestar basses, and she finds herself already at her grandmother's den entrance demanding they find what remains of creekclan. the she-cat rejected applecloud once more and the warrior grounds out her anger. with the passing of her grandmother she watches as the tom, spiritsong, rises to the challenge of being moorclan's leader. she is almost overwhelmed with emotions when the tom names her his deputy, for whatever reasons, she is content. however, the constant flirtatious nature of her leader, not only to others but herself, causes the she-cat to be irritated by him almost daily. 

the death of not only skywhisper's sister, but her former mentor tallstep to a new disease causes much panic within her soul. a stir of emotions and memories that life is not always easy and can just as quickly be snatched opens her eyes to the realm of reality of love. her heart begins to beat faster when around her leader, desire to be near him and protect him growing strongly. it is after a few more cases of the spore emerge, that a young apprentice of the clan faints during a patrol due to it. worried, applecloud ignores the warning of a warrior who says they need her as deputy and not infected, and she carries the ill apprentice back to camp. she does not tell her leader she was the one to carry the apprentice, but when she falls ill only a few days later, she knows she has made a mistake.

in a haze of everything, as her symptoms grow worst and worst, she requests that spiritstar keep his promise and send her away. he does not, he quarantines her and the few who are ill just outside camp, but near enough that they are close to protect. in one fleeting moment of a visit spiritstar gives to her, she whispers in a gentle tone that "i care for you, deeply and truly spiritstar... please don't come to close... i could not live with the thought of getting you sick or losing you too.' and while the fever took her for a week, causing her body to go into a coma, she was awoke and fleeting with her lungs.

it would not be long before the quarantined felines would be isolated - and for applecloud, she could feel her health beginning to return. she moved from the isolated camp to a mini camp not far from them. hunting and leaving them at a marker, before she finally felt well enough to move to the border seeking the clan cats to take her home. after two check ins with the medicine cats and what she assumed was an all clear from the stars themselves, she was returned to the clan and greeted warmly by some. her avoidance of her former leader, spiritstar - now spiritsong - causes her heart to ache. in her time of recovery she could not remember her feverish words, but she now knew she was in love with the tom.
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