Insanity Paradox

Dec 10, 2019 0:01:44 GMT
Do you know the definition of insanity?

Redwhisper slunk through the woods, passing the Thorn Thicket and entering the lower-left side of GorgeClan's territory. Her fur stood on end. She was a stray piece of red moonlight against the umbra of night and trees. This wasn't a pleasant journey, nor a convenient one. Yet the troubled molly knew--believed--it to be of the utmost importance. It was her gathering.

...It's doing the same thing over and over again...

The moon was high by the time the Starpool's cave was in her view. Every shadow held a feline shape. Every scrap of darkness spoke lowly to her. The harsh hiss of whispers made her head and ears twitch. Redwhisper bit her tongue to prevent herself from crying out to them. Her breath caught in her throat when she entered the darkness, running out of room as her heart thumped inside it. The labyrinthian path finally released her from its suffocating grasp, she stopped before the great pool. The roaring in her ears, the screaming in her heart, the worry in her chest--- all but vanished.

...and expecting something to change.

She lay there in silence, letting her plea float to the heavens. "Make me normal... Make me okay..." None would answer.


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