Let's Get Down to Business

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Dec 9, 2019 16:30:57 GMT
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There was much to think about and discuss. The Gathering announcements had been the same as they always were, but the true information came from her talk with Stoatstar and Spiritstar. It was worrying to hear that not only her dizziness something more, but other cats had been having similar enough symptoms that it was becoming a problem. A scent smelled in all three clans, with at least one cat in each suffering odd symptoms afterwards? Something was wrong and she did not like it.

The journey back left her wetter than before after the second river crossing but at least the cold hadn't settled in enough. Being in camp and a quick groom would keep her from getting cold. For now. Leafbare was already settling in and it wouldn't be long before it finished coming in full force. Would the prey abandon them this year? Would the cold take cats? Would they be prepared, so many moons after Bonestar's defeat? Her thoughts briefly darkening, she asked herself a serious question: Would she continue to keep so many supporters, former or otherwise? Fangstar led the clan into the camp and received a few brief nods from the warriors on guard. Good. No one had decided to attack the camp while they were away.

"Ferretmask, Flickerfrost," she called, gesturing for them to follow her into her den. She forwent settling in the nest pushed to the back of the den in respect for her guests and sat to wait for them to join her.


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Dec 12, 2019 0:16:57 GMT
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After the Gathering, she was tired. She wanted nothing more than to fall into her nest, curl up, and just sleep. And yet she couldn't have that. Not a moment sooner than her entering the warmth of camp, she was being summoned by Fangstar for StarClan knew what. She was cold. Her fur was a mess. Her emotions were at their least likely to be controlled. But starting a fight meant that their meeting would go even longer so she held her tongue and followed her leader to her den with nary a glance at her warm and inviting den. 

Inside, she set straight to making herself comfortable, choosing a spot closer to the entrance to settle and start on her damp fur as she waited for Ferretmask to join them. Flickerfrost assumed that Fangstar would tell them shortly why she had gathered them and felt no need to ask. But she had to wonder if it was something that shouldn't meet Featherpaw's ears, as the apprentice hadn't asked to join. She'd find out soon enough, she supposed, and could make the decision to tell her apprentice afterwards, if the meeting ever started.

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