Yarrowfrost's Adopts (1 CreekClan)

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Dec 8, 2019 0:37:07 GMT
Not first come, first serve. Please send me a short response for the "What I'm intrested in" part

here and here

What I'm intrested in:
Read over Yarrowfrost's history and tell me your ideas for:
-How Daisytooth would feel about Yarrowfrost's smothering
-What was Daisytooth's perspective in the CreekClan battle and how did he react to Lilyflight's death.

What you can't change:

Daisytooth is an effeminate tom who plays around with gender norms (who says a tom can't be named daisy?) but he does identify with he/him pronouns.

He has to stay a fluffy white tom with blue eyes.

He's carefree and tends to take risks without considering the consequences.

Please keep his prefix the same (if you must change it, please keep it as some sort of white flower). The suffix can be changed.

What you can change:
Literally everything else, but if it's something drastic please ask first ^^'


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