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general info

NICKNAME(S) auntie (by her nieces)GENDER cis female
AGE thirty-four moonsSEXUALITY up to rper
CLAN moorclanRANK warrior


otterfrost was born to bearheart and mintbreeze, coming from a long lineage of moorclan cats. she only had one littermate, that being her brother badgerkit. growing up, she was loved and doted on, though she didn't have many friends. badgerkit was the more social one out of the two. otterkit was quiet, preferring to keep to herself and observing those around her.

as the siblings became apprentices, bearheart became severely ill. mintbreeze was by his side day and night, and though the siblings wished to be there for their father, they focused on their training. one cold leaf-bare night, a sickness known as blackcough took their father's life. from that day forward something in mintbreeze snapped, changing her from a loving mother to a cold recluse. 

the bond between the siblings and their mother faded over time. bonestar rose to power when the siblings were apprentices, and mintbreeze became one of the many casualties as a result. though they were sad that their mother had passed, her death did not affect them as much as their father's did. they moved on.

the two finally became warriors, otterpaw receiving the name otterfrost for her cool demeanor, and badgerpaw receiving the name badgercry for his influential voice.

badgercry began courting a fellow warrior by the name of mistfeather. otterfrost always had her suspicions about the two when they were apprentices, so it didn't come as a surprise to her. she actually felt happy for badgercry; if anyone deserved happiness, it was him. soon after, mistfeather fell pregnant, and badgercry whooped with joy. otterfrost sat on the sidelines, as always, watching them with a small smile on her face.

a moon passed and mistfeather was well into her pregnancy. badgercry had left camp to go catch a mouse for mistfeather; it was her favorite meal. time passed, and otterfrost grew worrisome. badgercry was a skilled hunter, so why was it taking him so long? finally, badgercry broke through the underbrush into camp, but otterfrost was met with a horrifying sight. badgercry was beaten and bloody, a wound carved into his throat. she remembered vividly of how mistfeather came rushing out of the nursery, crying out badgercry's name. he gurgled a single 'i love you' before collapsing onto the ground, his soul leaving his body.

to say otterfrost was distraught is an understatement. her entire world had crashed around her. her brother, her best friend, was gone. otterfrost became more closed-off than ever, to the point where she would often reject her duties and go off and sit by herself for hours on end. during the time she spent alone, she tried forcing herself to cry, to laugh, to scream - anything to make her feel something. but, alas, all she felt was numb, void of emotion.

the day came where mistfeather gave birth to her and badgercry's kits, and otterfrost was sought out by the medicine cat's apprentice to go talk her through the labor. otterfrost was hesitant, but nonetheless she followed the apprentice to mistfeather. with a sigh, she moved towards the molly and laid down behind her, pressing herself against her back. otterfrost comforted her and told her when to push, and soon, four little bundles of fur laid by mistfeather's side. sadly, the runt of the litter was a stillborn, but mistfeather insisted on naming him tinykit. she named her living son nettlekit, and her two daughters hazelkit and jaykit.

otterfrost didn't know why, but something within her clicked. all the emotions she hadn't been able to feel came rushing to her all at once, and all she could do is cry. she then swore that she would help raise the kits and give them whatever they need, and that she would protect them at all costs, even if it cost her her life. she was done with sitting on the sidelines.

that night, mistfeather and otterfrost had a real conversation for the first time in moons. they bonded over many things, the main one being badgercry. they laughed and cried, and by the end of the night, they had become incredibly close.

over the course of fourteen moons, otterfrost had lost nettlepaw to a snake bite, and then she lost mistfeather to an unknown sickness. though both losses affect her greatly, she still pours her heart and soul into her nieces, hazelwing and jayheart.

bearheart ✝

mintbreeze ✝

badgercry ✝

@hazelwing (niece), @jayheart (niece), mistfeather ✝ (sister in law),  (brother in law through the union of badgercry x mistfeather)


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