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the basics
NAME || stoatstar
CLAN || creekclan
RANK || leader
AGE || 62 moons
GENDER || tom
SEXUALITY || hetero
OTHER || nope nope
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || a stocky ginger tabby tom with green eyes
APPEARANCE || The most notable thing about Stoatstar is perhaps his size. He's rather short and stocky, and while many can hold that against him, it doesn't really hinder his abilities to do anything that other cats might be doing. Overall, he's a rather handsome tom. His fur holds a ginger tabby hue that almost rivals being red. White covers the tips of his four paws, and goes up his belly to his throat. The white marking does continue on his face, giving him a white blaze between his eyes. 
the personality
LIKES || water, fish, she-cats
DISLIKES || others who are full of themselves, gorgeclan, outsiders
DREAMS || To run a successful leadership and eventually have kits. 
FEARS || death
OVERALL || Stoatstar is quite the individual. His brain is riddled with useful, and useless, information. Whether it be older leaders of the past, or even perhaps some strange herbs he's heard about from the medicine cat...he's one who could tell a tale made up from almost nothing. If cats could immerse themselves in books, he would be the one to do so. But this isn't because he doesn't enjoy friendship or the company of others, knowledge is in his book a useful weapon. However, with his intellect accumulated, he's also one who has come to find that others truly can ask stupid questions. He doesn't always have the largest amount of patience for those he finds of lesser intelligence.
Though he can come off a little brash towards toms, Stoatstar has always had a soft spot for the mollies of his clan. Perhaps it was just his drive to have a solid family of his own, but he learned to be quite the gentleman. Often times he would be seen carrying flowers to possible suitors or even bringing the elder she-cats their dinner. 
His intelligence is used well though, as his diplomatic words and phrases are filled from his extensive vocabulary. If there is one thing Stoatstar is certain of, it's his ability to lead his clan wisely and thoroughly. And perhaps that comes from his extensive history with the position.
If he has a downfall, it's his accidental ability to come off as rude. This just comes from his lack of inclusion since most of his time is spent huddled away in his den. However, when it is pointed out to him, he's one that will own up to his mistake and apologize.  
But lately, things have taken a toll on the tom. He's becoming weary and doesn't trust many around him. Some might say he's built a large wall around himself,....and many don't blame him. 
the history
FATHER || Bramblefoot
MOTHER || Poppyblossom
SIBLINGS || Ryethorn
HISTORY || Stoatkit was born into a simple litter, to simple warriors. While his kit life wasn't extremely impressive or even remotely worth noting, as he grew life would become more acceptable and even more entertaining to relay tales of to younger cats. As Stoat grew into an apprentice, he was assigned to the clan's deputy...Briartuft. A plump inquisitive apprentice would be worked over and groomed into a skilled warrior by the deputy of the clan. Stoatpaw had a wish to learn, and would find himself asking more questions thatn ever really training. Briartuft was one to indulge him with answers, though he also made the tom work for them. It was a solid trade, and in the end both of them found themselves happy with the situation. Stoatpaw was made into a solid warrior, receiving the name Stoatcall for his diplomatic tendencies and length intellectual conversations. It wasn't long after he became Stoatcall that his mentor became the leader of the clan, Briarstar. 
Most of Stoat's warrior life was fairly normal, and relatively easy. He hunted, he patrolled, and he pushed forward. He looked up to Briarstar more than anything as he grew. And he found himself wishing and longing to be in his position. But a she-cat by the name of Mistsong had been chosen as Deputy when Briarstar stepped up to fulfill his role, and Stoatcall found himself jealous and almost wishing terrible things. It would take some time, but these terrible things would soon happen. 
As Bonestar became leader of Gorgeclan and things began to change rapidly, Mistsong was one of the first casualties. By this time, Stoatcall was a seasoned warrior, and one who was worthy of the position of Deputy. Stoatcall readily agreed to become deputy of Creekclan, though they were trying times and ones where he was not guaranteed to live out a fulfilled life. But he charged in, ready for whatever was thrown his way. 
Bloody battles were what became of his days. Defending his clan's territory and those too young or fragile to protect themselves. He gained a few scars along the way, most noticeably one that runs down his left side. The medicine cat was able to patch him up, though he was ordered to take it easy or else it could reopen. Stoatcall hobbled around camp, impatiently pacing back and forth while trying to figure out Creekclan's next move. But as the final battle of Creekclan broke out, and Briarstar's death was announced...he was forced to gather what cats of his clan remained...and flee. 
He was hurried to the Starpool to receive his nine lives, ensuring Creekclan's survival if nothing else. The survivors and himself laid low, impatiently waiting for everything to end. It would be another whole moon before Bonestar would be killed and their lands would be returned. But as they were, a very cautious Stoatstar led his clan back to their homelands, and began to rebuild. Moon by moon they got stronger, until four moons had gone by and they found themselves a solid clan once more. Their lives were almost back to normal, with cats healing and becoming less fearful of patrolling their own territory. But now, as an illness begins to spread and claim its first life...fear is beginning to take control once more.  
the roleplayer
ALIAS || Jelly
made by remi of rilla go!

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