Presents and Bonding

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Dec 17, 2019 2:17:05 GMT

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Skywhisper dipped his head to the two she-cats. He would give them some time alone to recover from the fright, and of course, go fetch Cherrybloom another piece of food. Only as he left the den, did he realize how tense his shoulders had been. Keep this up and you'll be creaking like an elder in no time, he thought to himself. [break][break]

So the Spore could be overcome... he realized. He had not told the other she-cats, or even anyone else in the Clan, about the disease. He was sure Cherrybloom was a case, though. The smell, the confusion, and the altered consciousness had to be it. At its sudden onset, Skywhisper had thought that was good-bye for Cherrybloom, but once again the diseases of the world never ceased to surprise him. [break][break]

He lifted his head, catching a glimpse of Spiritstar out of the corner of his eye. It dawned on him that this ought to be communicated to his Clan leader. Spiritstar would care to know about Cherrybloom, he thought to himself, if Robinflight does not carry the news to him first. [break][break]

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