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his jaws parted in what one would assume to be a yawn - however the loud whistle that escaped him would make many think the feline was snoring. in this case, the young apprentice was. the way his soft cream tabby fur rose and fell with each intake would have been comical to a cat who had not known him for as long as the apprentices around him did. for minutes the tom would lay like that, eyes closed, snores escaping his open maw as his back leg snapped out as if he was leaping into action.

a stab in his side awoke him, to his surprise the apprentice who did it, did not speak up - nor appear to him as he blinked pale green eyes into the world around him. lifting himself, the ten moon older apprentice stretched his long body, perhaps even shaking the clumps of moss that hung to him, as he settled down into a sitting position. his own tongue lazily drew over his pelt with ease - something he was comfortable in doing as he had never really cared for rushing into the world to be a rugged looking mess.

it took but five minutes for the tom to finish his usual grooming before he even dared to step into the light of the camp. his jaws parted to see if he could smell his mentor and uncle, spiritstar, however the scent of the feline wasn't as strong. his eyes gazed around camp, wondering if his mentor was out and about - catching the eye of an older warrior, confirmed his suspicions when they told him he had gone out after his deputy applecloud. a small smile spread across the tom's maw as he realized that if his mentor was with applecloud today, he would be free to do as he pleased.

padding towards the warrior's den, he peeked his head in to see if his mother or father were within the den. not seeing either, the tom sighed sadly. he enjoyed his mother's company - a bit more than his father's for sure, but he still enjoyed dad's care non-the-less. shifting back into the center of camp, the young tom picked up a mouse and a rabbit and trotted towards the elder's den with a smile. he could at least hand out the prey needed if he wasn't going into the territory anytime soon.

upon leaving the elder's den, he stumbled into a feline, his own eyes having been on his paws after the elder had cheekily told him to man up. stumbling past the other feline, and onto the ground with a loud thud, the younger apprentice turned to see who had been the one in his way, uttering a loud; "sorry!" as he did so.



Dec 8, 2019 4:19:43 GMT
Applecloud was not necessarily known to be a charitable cat, but she’d been kind enough to leave Fogsplash off the day’s patrols. It was time for him to reconvene with his mate and kits, and the thought brought a spring in his step as he prowled around camp. A quarter-moon ago, he’d found the perfect spot to recuperate from the hustle and bustle of camp — but he hadn’t had the time to show it to his loved ones. Now that the morning was his, not MoorClan’s, he had his chance.

Or, at least, that’s what he thought.

He’d gone to gather his daughter, Dappledpaw, but she’d been less than enthusiastic about the idea. She had an upcoming training session with her mentor, and ducked out of camp with them moments after his proposal. It was understandable, but the experience still drew an unhappy sigh from his belly. He turned to peek into the apprentice’s den, and found Sunpaw’s nest warm but unoccupied. What was the point of having a day off if he couldn’t even spend time with the cats who really mattered the most? He was crossing the camp to retrieve his mate — and felt a ball of fur crash right into his paws.

“Sunpaw!” Fogsplash let out a delighted purr as he recognized the ball of furr, and then wrinkled his brow in concern. He helped nudge the tom back to his paws, before his tail curled again in absolute delight. With a delicate tongue, he smoothed down a wayward clump of his son’s fur. “Just the cat I was looking, kiddo! I’m going to show you and Cherrybloom something amazing I found the other day. You don’t have work to do, right? C’mon!”

Living cooperatively in MoorClan had once fit smooth against his furs, but nowadays it chafed just as often as not. It wasn’t Applecloud or Spiritstar, nor anyone here — but Bonestar’s death-grip on Harestar’s scruff had changed things. It felt impossible to protect their whole Clan; it was much more manageable to keep his mate and kits safe. He wanted to focus on the circumstances he felt he could control.

With a wave of his tail, he led his son over to the nursery, his loud purr more of a greeting than his actual words. “Cherrybloom, are you in here?”
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That voice was one she would never forget. It brought instant happiness to the cream hued queen. Long ago they had forged an inseparable bond, and through trials and tribulations they had been blessed enough to come out on top. How she adored her mate was hard to describe, it was one thing she would never be able to fully explain to her kits or others who asked. But if one thing was for certain, it was that their love would stand the test of time. 

Her ears perked up at his voice, and she stood abruptly from her place halfway to the back of the Nursery. Her tail instantaneously found the inner wall and she followed it to the opening. "Fogsplash!" She purred, seeking the pelt of the tom. Her nose reached blindly, hoping to come in contact with some part of him. But before she could even finish one thing, the scent of another made her smile grow larger. "And you brought Sunpaw?" 

The young tom must have finished training early, or perhaps her brother had decided to give him a break rather than run him ragged. Whatever the reason for both of them being here, she was more than thrilled. But where was their daughter? "I'm assuming she's out training? Her determination will either help her or harm her." The queen shook her head with a soft laugh. "What brings you both by?"    

Dec 12, 2019 2:31:44 GMT


he prepared for the rash words of another to lick at his heels, but the tom himself was pleasantly surprised when he heard the tone of his father's voice. he grinned up at the tom before him with a smile so thick it could have put the sun to shame. "daaaad, i'm not a kid anymore!" he meowed half-heartedly, his eyes scanning behind his father to see if perhaps his sister was with him. dappledpaw had been surprisingly absent that morning when he awoke so he assumed perhaps his father had gotten to him.

"something cool? like, super mega awesome cool?" he asked while he followed his father towards where their mother would be. his smile large and toothy, could be seen for miles as he strolled past his dad to spot his mother. with his mother saying his voice at last, he smiled brightly despite knowing she would not be able to see it. "good morning mother!" he meowed with a deep warmth to his tone.

when she asked what had brought them here, sunpaw looked eagerly to his father before the words just spilled from his lips. "father is going to show us something super, mega awesome cool!" he even felt himself leap a little in the air at that notion, his smile growing ever bigger as his ears turned between the two older felines. his eyes peeked at his mother's lifeless gaze and he wondered for a moment if she ever wondered what he looked like truly.

"isn't that right father?!" sunpaw meowed, turning his bright eyes back to his father with a grin.




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