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Nov 4, 2019 18:30:01 GMT

UPROAR is a semi-literate Warriors RP, with a 100-word minimum! Proper grammar and story-telling mechanics need to be followed in all of your IC activities. In OOC, however, you may speak however you wish (within the rules, of course).

We will have MONTHLY activity checks, mostly for the high rank positions. High ranks are the backbone of a site and without active ones we will inevitably die and wither away.


1. Do not harass or rush people to reply to your threads. Mentioning it once a week would be alright, but don't badger a member every day over the same thread. People have lives outside of the site, and constantly trying to get them to do your bidding is guaranteed to do the opposite and instead drive them away.

2. Liquid time is ALLOWED, as long as you can keep up with all the threads you have thrown at your character (:


4. Please be KIND, CARING & ACCEPTING of everyone. We are an LBGT+ friendly space!

5. Enjoy 18+ threads? NOT HERE. Minors are accessible to Proboards and 18+ threads involving graphic details gore, mating, birthing, etc, will not be tolerated, even if tagged. Keep it PG-13.

6. Do not POWERPLAY OR GODMOD. Your character can't read minds and know everyone's deepest secrets, nor can they win every fight. An apprentice is bound to lose a battle to a leader, and a kit probably won't be able to catch a mouse. (Not everyone is a Cloudtail). No one is perfect, and while we don't want your character to be evil, not everyone is a perfect mary-sue, flaws are a part of personality.


1. Because of our site plot, we have a staff account 'THE SPORE' that may or may not post in your thread and spice things up. This will be along the lines of the illness and as things progress, interactions could get dicey!

Please note, this account WILL NOT kill off your character unless special permission has been obtained from you.

2. We do NOT have a limit on characters. Just please be sure that you can handle all of them! If we see that you aren't handling them well, we may politely ask you to cut back.

3. NEW MEMBERS! For your FIRST character, you are allowed to use a Strange Marking or Strange Eye Color! We'd love to give you a warm welcome with this gift!

4. Please follow our biography template. It's simple and meant to allow your characters room to grow without the pesky restrictions that sometimes detailed personality sections can place. We've all had a character that turns out NOTHING like we wrote them out to be. Hopefully this can help with that.

5. All applications will be locked upon acceptance; however, he understand that characters have a tendency to grow and change throughout RP. If you would like to update your application please LET STAFF KNOW in the finished bios channel on discord, or via PM on site, so that we may temporarily unlock it and review any changes you decide to make.

6. Cats of all shapes and colors are allowed here AS LONG AS THEY ARE NATURAL. No purple kitties please.

7. Small disabilities are allowed. We don't want to take away from your character's originality. Please don't go overboard on this or we will be putting a restriction on!

8. You may only play TWO high ranks at a time, high ranks being Leader, Deputy, and Medicine Cat/Apprentice. You may not play a leader and a deputy, this is to avoid someone playing two leaders, and may not play your two high ranks in the same clan.

9. HIGH RANKING CHARACTER ACTIVITY! : If you play a high rank you must have ONE post with their account per week, as well as ONE post with another of your accounts during that same week. Aka, TWO posts per week. If you have trouble meeting this, please speak with staff.

10. Warriors and high ranks age ONE MOON every Month. Kits & apprentices age TWO MOONS every Month, and a queen is pregnant for 2 weeks after rolling for her litter.

11. You are not allowed to make relations to any Lore characters (Bonestar, Whiteflower etc) without EXPLICIT staff permission and planning. This included siblings, mates, offspring, mentors, apprentices, close friends and the like. If you are uncertain if your plot is breaking this rule, please seek staff guidance BEFORE going ahead with it.


1. In order to play a kit, members must either adopt an available litter kit from HERE or purchase the abandoned kit item to make a kit character from scratch.

2. If you would like you cat to have kits you must fill out the form in the kit board and post it in a new thread. Be sure to read the LITTER RULES and tag staff members because we DO roll litters here.

3. There are purchases and additions you may get for your litters if you would like them to have certain qualities/or avoid certain qualities. Please make sure you have these purchased BEFORE filling out your kit form unless they are POST-ROLL LITTER PURCHASES.

4. Your characters MUST have TWO threads together, proving they have some sort of relationship etc.

5. QUEENS MUST BE PREGNANT FOR TWO FULL WEEKS, unless a badge is purchased to skip this. Please note that this badge comes with POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS.

6. A queen MUST wait for her previous kits to become APPRENTICE AGE (6 moons) in order to have a new litter. On the chance that the litter is STILLBORN, a queen need only wait until the NEXT AGE UP.


(APRIL 17TH, 2020)
+ changed template

(MAY 17TH, 2020)
+ added three new rules and updated some others -
if you joined before this date, please react to the announcement post in discord regarding this update with the first emoji under nature and the last emoji under people so we know that you read them <3

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