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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: spiderkit .. spiderpaw .. spiderfrost
spider: named for the blackness of his pelt and the lengthy limbs he had at birth.
frost: for his overall frosty attitude + another meaning
eighteen moons
formerly of creekclan, oneclan currently
medicine cat


Other Characters
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Purchased Items
disability item

Desired Warrior Name
currently possesses his warrior name.

Anything Else
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
longhaired black he, amber eyes and a twisted hind-leg.
General Appearance
let's start just before the accident, just before all hell broke loose in this young tom's life. he was on the shorter side of the spectrum, small and fluffy, almost what a human would call as "the perfect, fluffy kitten!" and to many he was just that. with tone muscles from swimming and a long feathery tail, the tom was handsome in his own right.

than the accident happened. in as little details as possible, the tom's leg was snatched up in the jaws of a fox, held tightly as the loudest of cracks could be heard. while the tom's leg would never heal properly, and would cause him discomfort, his appearance still remained handsome. his fluffy black fur made up for covering most of the hideous injury that occurred within the last moon.

his eyes, amber in color, bore into the soul of every cat around them - almost cold and lifeless at times. his eyes, are a window to his very soul. but other than that, the tom is an overall black cover, with hints of brown when the lighting hits him just right.

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+ stargazing
+ swimming
+ personal alone time
+ puzzles and quizzes
+ herb knowledge and remedies
+ featherpaw

+ foxes
+ unnecessary fighting
+ large groups of talkative felines
+ being a burden/cripple
+ impatient patients
+ medicine cat guidelines

+  memory retention
+  swimming to an extent
+ herb knowledge

+ fighting
+ hunting
+ patience

+ provide for his clan in the best way possible
+ to find peace with the ideal that he could never find love or a mate

+ foxes
+ to become a burden to his clan

ambition is what drives the little tom-cat to do what he does. a drive of strength and power, based solely around his needs and wants it what one would say is spider's most defining feature. while the ambitious nature come out to play in either his medicine cat duties, or his once warrior cat duties, one will say it is one part of him that has stuck through it all.

a hardworking and honest lad, spider has no problem telling someone how it is, and laying down the law of the land if needed. you got a sore pay because you stepped on a thorn, he'll tell you that among other mumbled insults. one can not deny that he is an extreme hardworking lad, willing to put his everything into the subjects he is learning. while not the top of his class, he would be considered up there with his dedication.

intelligent and extremely perspective, the tom has a knack for just getting the hang of things easily. he's got a good memory to go with his intelligence, which makes it easier for him to memorize herbs and categorize them as needed. with that in mind, the tom uses his senses, all of them, to try and understand his clan mates and their illnesses - or lack there of - and use it to assist in helping them get better. all the while keeping his own distance.

now, for the not so nice aspects of spider. he comes across as a very calculating feline. constantly looking at all angles to make sure he can further impress others with how he works. it's no surprise that he can be seen staring and watching others with an almost observant quality to himself. many chalk this up to his perspective means, but it can definitely go way beyond that. he may never tell a lie, but he sure as hell will withhold the truth if needed.

a cantankerous and insecure feline, the tom can more often than not be found arguing about something or another if it does not go well with his own moral set. while this was more under control in his warrior apprentice days, it has gotten a bit out of paw with his medicine cat days. sometime to the point that he comes across as cold and icy to even his patients. but this is more or less an extreme escalation due to his insecurity. he is insecure about his position in the clan, on how his injury affects the appearance of the newly reformed clan. he is hard on himself, more than any other, and that is due to his upbringing.

a stern and stubborn feline, spider can often be found defending his morals and personal views to the very end - and even after being proven wrong, not apologize. he is stern and firm with his patients and would have made an excellent mentor had he made it into warriorhood. however that is not the case. the tom however, refuses to let sleeping dogs lie, and continues to seek out help in fighting moves - even if he is delayed by his injury. he refuses to let it sink him below even the weakest elder or kit.

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Mother: nightwatcher ✝
↳ deceased warrior of creekclan
↳ died during a fox attack when spider was 10 moons old.

Father: boarbelly 
↳ current quarantined npc
↳ can be killed off if desired

Siblings: no siblings

Extended: no known extended family

Mentor: jaypeck ✝
↳ deceased warrior of creekclan
↳ died during a fox attack when spider was 10 moons old.
↳ was spider's warrior mentor

↳ presumed dead, currently still missing.
↳ vanished into the night and was not heard from again.
↳ was spider's medicine cat mentor

Apprentices: currently none


it starts with two felines, both of darker pelt coloration, boarbelly and nightwatcher were madly in love, furious over anyone who tried to get between them, and hopelessly falling over themselves with the idea of kits. for moons they would try, and for moons they would not succeed. it would come to pass that on the crisp of the day bonestar passed, a small black kitten would be born, and nightwatcher would name her son spiderkit.

spiderkit's kittenhood was easy, living the life out in the wilderness, he was taught the customs of what creekclan used to be. his parents were even as firm as to stay near other creekclanners while they were in exile from the final battle. they believed deeply in stoatstar and his ability to reform creekclan. for young spiderkit, he wanted nothing more than to prove to the leader and his family he could be the strength that the future of creekclan needed.

he was apprenticed two moons after creekclan's return. he was given to a strong and icy feline known as Jaypeck. The warrior was strong, and believed deeply in creekclan and creekclan's rebirth. for the young spiderpaw, it gave him everything he needed to form who he was today. while he was quiet and harsh with others, he was open to those who gave him a chance.

that all changed a moon ago, during a routine border patrol, jaypeck, spiderpaw and nightwatcher were walking along the border with the wilderness when the two creatures were upon them. a mated pair of foxes lunged for the youngest and weakest of the cats, snapping their jaws around his hind leg, twisting it as if to tear it from him. for the most part, the tom himself blacked out, but the recounting of the story - from his dying mentor - would send him spiraling into pain and panic.

he was told that after the first fox launched him free from it's gasps, the second went for his mother. his mother fought bravely driving the fox back enough that it was about to turn tails and run. however, the first fox attacked her. jaypeck had been frozen for a moment, checking on spiderpaw's breath. when the warrior had turned, nightwatcher had nearly downed the one fox, but was injured gravely.

jaypeck would continue the fight until he to began to fall. the mated pair of foxes would only turn tail when a group of five more felines came rushing to their aid. nightwatcher did not survive the journey back to camp, and jaypeck's injuries were to serious for him to last much longer. he died that night after telling spiderpaw the tale, and upon the next morning, the injured apprentice began to close himself off once more.

during that moon in the medicine cat's den, he watched berrybloom in her natural habit, learning what she was doing - while begrudgingly noticing that it came to him simply. it would take a full moon for his wounds to heal to the best of their ability, but his leg would forever be manged, useless almost. it was than he asked what good would he be to the clan, if not as berrybloom's apprentice. in an almost desperate plea... the tom would meow.

"i don't wish to be a burden"

as such, he is welcomed as the she-cat's apprentice just after the medicine cat's meeting. he even attends the gathering as a medicine cat's apprentice and is beginning to grow into his new role. he learns the way of healing easily, having a sharp mind and great memory he takes to the job as easily as any. however it is the emergence of the spore that causes his first meeting with the medicine cat's to be without his mentor. he meets the others, and receives a dream that is shattered and unlike that of the others. soon enough he is meeting loners to learn of tales of a group who might be able to help.

then the spores hits with a fever no one can control, twolegs arrive and surprisingly enough, only cases of the spore that pop up come from close contact with the infected. spiderpaw is soon found to have learned all he can and upon the last meeting with the medicine cats, he is named spiderfrost.
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