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"I’ll give it my all when lives are on the line!"
the basics
NAME || Orchidpaw
CLAN || MoorClan
RANK || Apprentice
AGE || 6
GENDER || Female
SEXUALITY || Panromantic Asexual
OTHER || anything else to note?
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || ex. small creamy bengal she with green eyes
APPEARANCE || Orchid is very small for a she-cat her age, lean and strong, with long claws and sharp fangs to match. Her fur is a bright fiery tan with darker markings of a bengal leopard streaking down her body, and a light color underbelly. Her eyes are a deep jade green and her nose is pink. Her paw pads are also pink, quite a cute thing to see unless you’re at the receiving end of a paw swipe. 
the personality
LIKES || Mint, telling others what to do, being organized
DISLIKES || Most other cats, being bossed around, loners
DREAMS || To prove she is both a warrior and a medicine cat, she is capeable
FEARS || That someone may die under her care, that she wont be able to forgive herself
OVERALL || Orchidpawholds an ironic name, considering her fiery and hostile personality towards others. She doesn't get along with anyone well, and friends may find themselves more left alone than anything. She takes her duties as an apprentice very seriously and dislikes being thought of as soft or dependant on the clan. She likes to hunt for herself and is very outspoken about her ideas and beliefs, and holds fast to the warrior code and medicine cat code. She has been known to talk to herself, and snap on anyone that catches her, as well as starting fights with Clan Mates and other cats.

Despite all this hardness and aggravation on her end, when push comes to shove she would gladly give her life for her clan and her home, and is a loyal apprentice to MoorClan. She works hard, and demands respect.

the history
FATHER || Firefrost (dead)
MOTHER || Swallowfeather (dead)
HISTORY || Orchidkit was born in MoorClan in a litter of one during early leaf-bare and grew sick with the following seasons. She had taken up an interest in herbs the medicine cat gave her at the time, asking what everything was and what it did, and why it helped her, but not something else. She spent even more time in the medicine cat den after Leaf-Bare had ended, and her cough was long gone, and the clan began to wonder if she would be the next medicine cat apprentice rather than a warrior.

She began to hear rumors that she was weak, and that it was because she was sick all the time and the only thing she would be able to do for the clan. Orchidkit became a medicine cat despite the rumors and claims, with the goal of proving everyone wrong just to spite them. Her personality began to shift, she lost sleep, becoming almost obsessed with memorizing the herbs, as well as sneaking around warriors to watch them train apprentices or hunt, on top of her own training. She wanted to be able to do it all. How come no warriors never knew how to take care of themselves?

She copied what she saw to the best of her ability, and stopped taking kill from the prey pile, only ever eating what she had managed to catch. She challenges other apprentices to spar with her, but she plays rough, using claws and fighting dirty to ensure she won battles, only proving she was more ill-tempered than any other warrior. It wasn't long before she was being punished for such things, and apprentices stopped sparring with her completely.
the roleplayer
ALIAS || SilverWings
made by remi of rilla go!

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