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"Why must our past define us? Can we not just...live?"
the basics
NAME || Featherpaw -> Feathermist
CLAN || Outsider - Gorgeclan
RANK || Medicine Cat Apprentice
AGE || 10 Moons
GENDER || Female
SEXUALITY || Undecided
OTHER || None
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || a small tortie smoke with green eyes

APPEARANCE || Despite what her mother always told her otherwise, and thus what she believes wholeheartedly, Featherpaw is in fact a very pretty she-cat. Her fur is a mottled mix of grey and cream, interspersed with white and broken by bolder black markings upon her face and paws. One of her most defining features, as she was named for, she has a plumed, feathery tail, however her dazzling green eyes stand in close second, shifting between light and dark green depending on the lighting. Surprisingly for a healer, especially one so young, she is in fact littered with scars hidden poorly beneath her fur, courtesy of her mother. Despite her insecurities, she finds herself glad she does not carry the white pelt of her mother or grandfather.
the personality
LIKES || Healing, helping others, herb collecting, nighttime, leaf-fall, her brother
DISLIKES || Needless judgement, everything Bonestar and Hailstrike did, the other clans' fates, rude or mean cats, being watched, crowds
DREAMS || To gain the trust of her clanmates and to be a great medicine cat.To one day help cure The Spore
FEARS || Her family (including her brother - its complicated), being betrayed or turned on, failing as a medicine cat

OVERALL || Featherpaw has always been a gentle soul, a guiding spirit that just wants to help others no matter what, no strings attached. However, sadly, this is not what people see in her. Instead, they see a young molly who is all but controlled by her fears and insecurities, shy and often messing up, frequently flinching away from touch or scolding. She is a rather timid, excessively obedient feline, with very little faith in herself. Having never been given any love, she expects it from no one, nor does she give it to herself. If anything, she constantly judges herself and her own abilities, and while she hates that everyone is defining her trustworthiness by that of her now dead kin, she lacks the self-confidence to stand up for herself, or others for that matter, no matter how much she just wants to help everyone. Perhaps one day she will find herself stronger and begin to love herself as she should, but she will need guidance to get there.
the history
FATHER || Firestorm (banished)
MOTHER || Hailstrike (banished/deceased)
SIBLINGS || Wolfpaw (brother, Gorgeclan), Dawnpaw (brother, Creekclan)
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || Her Mentor, Bonestar (grandfather) - indirect influence

HISTORY || Featherpaw's history started long before she was born, instead with those who carried on her grandfather's legacy. his kits. Among these kits was a molly named Hailstrike, who would one day grow to be Featherpaw's mother. Hailstrike was a cold and viscous she-cat, and one who carried on her father's legacy with pride and the utmost obedience. No matter how much havoc Bonestar would cause. No matter how little love he carried in his heart, Hailstrike had always soared above her siblings as Bonestar's ultimate legacy, and while he showed her no compassion, he did put a lot of effort into molding her exactly as he wished her to be. She grew up looking upon the other clans as distasteful wastes of prey and oxygen, and viewing her father's deeds as magnificent. Every part of her intended to grow up just like her father, and she sought the same of her own kits too.

While Hailstrike had just as little love to give as her father, having been given none from him, only shunned and reluctantly nursed by her own mother, and known nothing but competition with her siblings, she still managed to find a mate. Firestorm was an avid supporter of her father, and a tom she had known since kithood. They had been raised in competition, but now the tom had come to respect her, had even somewhat fallen for her, and she used this to her advantage. Yet in this same moon, her father was struck down by her aunt, and both warriors were shunned from the clan for their support of him. Firestorm was swift to abandon her, now that her position as Bonestar's daughter made her nothing. He blamed her, and she wished she could have found him and killed him for it.

Two moons later, she had three kits - two sons, and a daughter. Yet they were not perfect. Whilst one of her son's was strong and healthy, her daughter was small and frail, and her other son was sickly and weak. Refusing to let go of clan ways for she had every intention to strike back and take control just as her father did, she would name her kits as though they were still in the clan. She named her healthier son Wolfkit, in hopes he would grow up strong and fierce to one day fight alongside her, and in lack of care for her, named her daughter Featherkit for her fluffy tail and how truly weak and frail she saw her to be. Her third son was not even granted a name, too sickly for her to bother with. She abandoned him before she was chased out of clan territory, left to die. Unbeknownst to her he was found by the scattered Creekclanners, who named him Dawnkit and brought him to their healer. In truth, he was the lucky one.

Hailstrike did not raise her kits with kindness. She fed them just as reluctantly as her mother fed her, though as they grew stronger, she showed clear favor and pride toward Wolfkit. While her training of him as he grew older was still harsh, she held more belief in him than her daughter. She saw her father's spirit in him, and he was raised to be just like them. Yet the difference was that no matter how cold and harsh he seemed, he always cared more for his sister than his mother. He felt it his duty to protect her, for their mother gave her no love, little food, and even less attention. Where he was taught to hunt and fight as soon as he was physically able to learn, renaming him Wolfpaw before he would have even been apprenticed, Featherkit was taught nothing, left defenseless.

Eventually, the young she-cat had enough, and she ran away. Her brother followed her, and at first she had been terrified, entirely convinced he had come to kill her. Yet he did not. He gruffly told her to get up, and to keep running. She had not even realized she had collapsed to the ground in her fear of him. Together they ran, him always pushing her onward, until they found themselves in the territory they had been told so much about, that their mother had often showed Wolfpaw the borders of. The place that she had insisted they would one day steal back. Yet Wolfpaw had figured that in truth, she was afraid to come here yet, so he figured it was the safest place to go. There they were found, and while Hailstrike did follow them, she was chased out and ultimately fell to the claws of the Gorgeclanners, who wanted nothing to do with her. Not sure what else to do, the patrol took them back to camp, despite knowing they were related to Bonestar, and the offspring of his mirror-image daughter.

While the clan was trying to decide what to do with the pair, the decision was made for them. The medicine cat came before the clan after meeting with Starclan at the Starpool, announcing of a dream, a sign that Featherkit was to be their apprentice. Already six moons, she was renamed Featherpaw, and transferred under their training. No matter whether the medicine cat was reluctant to train her, as Bonestar's kin, or truly wanted to give her a better life, Featherpaw remained thankful to them for giving she and her brother a home. Wolfpaw had chosen to stay and promise loyalty to the clan for his sister, as he had never cared for their mother. Having always been treated as something worthless, and now being seen as untrustworthy by many, Featherpaw's insecurities only grew and Wolfpaw became no kinder and no less protective. However, deep down they both knew they were safer than ever before.
the roleplayer
ALIAS || Nyara
ANYTHING ELSE || Being the kits of Bonestar's notoriously cruel and ruthless banished daughter, Featherpaw and her brother Wolfpaw are not very well trusted within the clan and often treated quite coldly and warily. Their other sibling is an apprentice in Creekclan, Dawnpaw, though they are unaware of this.
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