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"i had to hate you, to love me"
the basics
NAME || apple . applekit . applepaw . applecloud 
CLAN || outsider . moorclan
RANK || loner . kit . apprentice . warrior . deputy
AGE || thirty moons
GENDER || molly
SEXUALITY || heterosexual
OTHER || anything else to note?
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || a beautiful long-haired calico she, amber eyes

APPEARANCE || out of place, is a word used most commonly with the young she-cat. there is a certain level of dishonesty when it comes to her parentage - something that is known throughout the clan, but is held in little regard as the she-cat has shown her loyalty. her long pelt stems from her mother's side of the family, the calico coat - a mishaps of both a calico she, and a red-toned tom. while her coat is unusual, the she-cat is built for life on the moors. her legs, her body, structured to keep her agile and quick. she has long legs, but due to her long fur, can be subject to a field of view that shows her as having short legs and long torso. she possesses large, round ears and large round eyes of honey gold. one would call her attractive.

the personality
LIKES || running, stargazing, gatherings
DISLIKES || swimming, humid days, pointless wars
STRENGTHS || agility, stamina, tracking
WEAKNESSES || swimming, romantic situations, fighting
DREAMS || to return moorclan to peace and glory
FEARS || to be the complete downfall of her clan.

to begin with applecloud, there is almost a two-sided nature to her. but the first thing most cats will notice, and properly rely to other cats is that there is a coldness and isolated feeling about her. she is rough around the edges, giving off a deeply unsettling negative fib to those around her as she plays the part of the harden leader. for her, it comes, not only from the memories of being judged based on her bloodline - but having to live up and beyond the life of harestar. applecloud, while stubborn and easily angered can be somewhat of a pawful when it comes to not only her own clan - but the others around her. since the death of her grandmother and the fall of her clan from higher standards, she has felt she needs to show the other clans and her clan mates they are great and mighty still. the she-cat has a natural habit of being argumentative with those who decided to stand up to her - specially without facts. if the felines does present and prove her wrong, she will begrudgingly acknowledge it.

however, outside those negative and cold front - applecloud is a she-cat struggling to find herself. she was once bubbly and cheerful among her family and friends - namely her sister blossomfall. now, still hidden under most of the she-cat constant worrying, is a friendly and mothering she-cat. she strives to be brave and compassionate to those in need, settling a warm touch that many would not expect from such a cold-fronted she-cat. an aspect that many would not expect is that she is extremely intelligent, cunning and observant. one thing she has in her back pocket. she will constantly pushed through to be there for those in need, and one would be surprise to see her hovering in the medicine cat's den more times than one would think. she takes an interest in the well being of each of her warriors, queens, apprentices, elders and kits.

the history
Cherryclaw (♂)
• father of applecloud 
• senior warrior 
• a red toned tom, amber eyes
• reaching ninety-moons

Liliac (♀)
• mother of applecloud
• loner/kitty-pet
• a long-haired calico, blue eyes
• reaching sixty-seven moons

‡ Blossomfall (♀)
• sister of applecloud
• former warrior of moorclan
• a once beautiful calico she, blue eyes
• deceased at twenty-two moons

‡ Harestar (♀)
• paternal grandmother of applecloud
• former leader of moorclan
• a pretty tabby she, green eyes
• deceased at age one hundred twenty moons

Redwhisker (♂)
• paternal grandfather of applecloud
• elder of moorclan
• a handsome red toned he, amber eyes
• reaching one hundred ten moons

‡ Tallstep (♂)
• former mentor of applecloud
• former elder of moorclan
• a handsome black and white he, blue eyes
• deceased at age one hundred moons


035 MOONS AGO • cherryclaw and liliac meet for the first time, the former kitty-pet wants to join moorclan, but cherryclaw refuses to bring her back. instead advising her to meet him again.
030 MOONS AGO • liliac gives birth to two kittens, apple and blossom. she waits two weeks before seeking out cherryclaw. while he is on a patrol with harestar and tallstep, the tom is confronted and told to bring his daughters to the clan. 
029 MOONS AGO • after much debate, liliac is given a temporary position in the clan to nurse her kittens. they name the kittens applekit and blossomkit. 
026 MOONS AGO • liliac weens her kits of her milk, and departs from moorclan after being shunned by cherryclaw once more. her daughters are distraught by this - but continue on to impress their grandmother, grandfather and father. while harestar and cherryclaw take no interest, redwhisker dots on his granddaughters daily.
024 MOONS AGO • at tallstep's request to mentor one of the two kits, he is given applekit - now applepaw - where as harestar takes on blossompaw as her apprentice. the two long-haired, long legged she-apprentices show intelligence and agility beyond their moons.
022 MOONS AGO • applepaw watches as her grandfather is sent on a patrol to assist creekclan, a few days later, only her grandfather returns - bloody, shaken and cold towards his mate.
020 MOONS AGO • distraught by the happenings of the other clans, applepaw and blossompaw want to convince their grandmother that what is happening is wrong. at the last minute blossompaw bails, leaving applepaw to confront her grandmother.
018 MOONS AGO • on the eve of their 12th moon, blossompaw and applepaw are named blossomfall and applecloud. they are set to sit vigil and during the night, the two she-cats vow to protect the clan - even from their own grandmother.
015 MOONS AGO • blossomfall, confides in applecloud - saying she found love with a tom from creekclan, she visits the tom one night and upon the morning, the tom is bloody and broken - whispering he tried to tell her to leave before they found her. applecloud is angered that her grandmother does nothing bout her sister being murdered for trying to shelter a creekclan warrior.
014 MOONS AGO • applecloud is given an apprentice named ferretpaw. she trains the young tom through to his warriorhood.
011 MOONS AGO • with the news of biarstar passing, applecloud urges her grandmother to listen to the call of their aid. harestar turns down her granddaughter. 
010 MOONS AGO • with the death of bonestar of gorgeclan, applecloud demands her grandmother make right what she has left go for so long. the old she-cat turns her down.
007 MOONS AGO • the deputy of moorclan passes in his sleep, leaving moorclan without a deputy. during that same moon, harestar passes of old age spiritsong is named deputy and than later leader, calling applecloud to become his deputy.
006 MOONS AGO • applecloud slowly fits into the role of deputy, becoming closer to her new leader as he stands to make the clan strong again.
001 MOONS AGO • with the first signs of infection creeping into the clans, tallstep - former mentor of applecloud starts to show infection
PRESENT DAY • tallstep falls victim to the illness called the spore.
the roleplayer
ANYTHING ELSE || would love to have her grandfather and father be NPCs that can be used for either killing or being infected for the plots! <3
made by remi of rilla go!

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