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"Healing will only come if we speak truth to one another."
the basics
NAME || Fangkit, Fangpaw, Fangstrike, Fangstar
CLAN || Gorgeclan
RANK || Leader
AGE || 58 moons
GENDER || Molly
SEXUALITY || Unknown
OTHER || She has a special bond with her brother Talonflight

the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || Slim brown tabby she-cat with light green eyes.
APPEARANCE || While not built for speed like those of Moorclan, Fangstar is still very much agile and suited to life among the gorge. She is quick on her paws and never wavers in a step. Her coat is salt-and-pepper brown, with clearly defined black stripes. White covers her lower muzzle and her throat. Her eyes are a clear light green that can strike the heart in their shrewdness. She is battle-scarred all along her sides, with the tip of her left ear missing and claw marks across her muzzle. On cold days, when she thinks no one is watching, a slight limp may appear.

the personality
LIKES || Order, sparrows, honesty
DISLIKES || Chaos, liars, being looked down upon
DREAMS || To not only make Gorgeclan a cohesive, stable whole, but also regain their reputation
FEARS || To die before her goal is reached, being alone
OVERALL || Fangstar is the calm within the storm. She is not easily rattled and can think on her paws with the best of them. Order calls to her, especially in the wake of the chaos left behind by Bonestar, and she sees it as a means to gain back respect for her clan. This molly is exceedingly stubborn and insists on the truth being told at all times. She believes that the clan can only recover if there is clear communication throughout the ranks. She is determined to return Gorgeclan to its former glory.

the history
FATHER || Unknown
MOTHER || Adderbite
SIBLINGS || Talonflight
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || Adderbite, Talonflight, Whiteflower, Swiftclaw
HISTORY || Fangstrike was a settled warrior by the time Bonestar came to power, trained by Whiteflower herself. She hadn't been a big fan of the tom to begin, and with the extra training and patrols and lies spread she became disheartened with her clan. The final straw for her was the death of her apprentice, newly named Swiftclaw and thrown into the front lines of a battle between the three clans.
Fangstrike joined the rebellion brewing underneath the strong face of Gorgeclan. She mourned the seeming loss of Creekclan and hid the few she could. As the one to lead the final battle against Bonestar and his deputy Whitesplash, many looked to her on what to do with Whiteflower. Instead of giving an answer, she urged the clan to speak to one another and come to a decision. "Healing will only come if we speak truth to one another," she said, and so she regretfully chased her once-mentor from their clan.
Fangstrike organized the search for Creekclan cats to announce what had happened and returned their territory slowly, allowing scattered cats to return to their respective clans. Informing Moorclan was a matter of formality, simply saying that Gorgeclan no longer had an interest in being jailors and were focusing on themselves. After all of these actions, she was visited in her dreams and gifted her lives and new name. "You stepped up when no one else would. You are willing to work hard to mend what has been torn. Your clan already sees you as a leader. Now be one."

the roleplayer
ANYTHING ELSE || Whitesplash was the father of Swiftclaw and his mother was Mistystep. Adderbite died in a border skirmish early in the reign of Bonestar but her death did not affect her children all that much. Talonflight and Fangstar are extremely close to one another. They often used each other as a safe standing stone.
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